Common Seminar: Moa Matthis

Datum och tid
25 mars 2021 kl 10:00 - 12:00
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Zoom meeting

Welcome to the forthcoming Konstfack Common Seminar with Moa Matthis.

The Voices of Text
Working with text as a material, it will reveal its many layers of meaning-production. Moving beyond semantics, one discovers the sounds, rhythms, visuality and even tactility, inherent in text, and the ways in which reading – and writing – too, is many-layered.

Moa Matthis
Moa Matthis is a non-fiction author, critic and holds a PhD in English Literature. She is senior lecturer at the programme of Visual Communication, where she supervises writing as part of practice, as well as in the processes of documenting practice. Both as writing practitioner and researcher, she focuses on textual, representational techniques and rhetorical strategies within non-fiction genres.

Mat +46 76 769 9696

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