Ägget som ledde in i evigheten - Hedda Hultman

Datum och tid
21 januari 2021 kl 17:00 - 30 januari 2021 kl 15:00
Typ av händelse
Plats och färdväg

Galleri Konstfack II
Studenternas eget galleri (ingång från sidan)
Tellusgången 12, Stockholm (Se karta)
Färdväg: Tunnelbana eller buss till Telefonplan

The exhibition 'Ägget som ledde in i evigheten/ The Egg that Leads intro Eternity' considers myths and symbolism rising from the work of the hand, playing with the intuitive poetics of silent knowledge.

Consisting of a built-up scenario where you are encouraged to find your own way through an installation of sculpture, painting, wood carving and textile, a subtle act of the spatial drama is taking place. Seven archetypes, presented from a fictional guide, will assist the visitor along the journey.

I would have given you a map but unfortunately, it was taken away, I am sorry! Although it is still possible to get the full experience of (1) as if (2) was present.
Make sure to spend time with (3), movement can be beneficial if you are feeling stuck. I invite you to pay attention to (4) and aim for (5) as that could give you useful tools to move further.

As I am well informed about the subject of matter feel free to ask questions during your stay. At last, to avoid stress, remember that (6) might not be accomplished directly but (1) will linger for a few days which is absolutely normal and essential for (7).
I hope you find what you are looking for.

(1) The Dark Red Door
Longing, seeking the right, lust
Reversed: Confusion, lost in spirals, mind over heart

(2) The Girl
To find comfort in being independent, afraid to be in charge of one's own life, inferior

(3) The Dog
Unconditional love, feeling happy for and with others, platonic love, reversed: symbiosis

(4) The Horse
Nativity and longing, unrealistic dreams, to believe there's only one path to happiness

(5) The Hole
Loss of control, curiosity, new doors open when others close

(6) The Mirror
See from different perspectives, to be in harmony and adapt to current circumstances, stand the ground

(7) The Hike
Willing to leave things even though it might hurt, believe that things will get better with time, knowledge through experience

Opening hours:
weekend 12-15 h
Tue-Fri (closed Mon 25 January) 14-18 h


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