A Still Life Full of Surprises

Datum och tid
24 april 2021 kl 12:00 - 1 maj 2021 kl 17:00
Typ av händelse
Plats och färdväg

Galleri Konstfack II
Studenternas eget galleri (ingång från sidan)
Tellusgången 12, Stockholm (Se karta)
Färdväg: Tunnelbana eller buss till Telefonplan

MFA exhibition by Bengt Rahm, master's student in Fine Art.

A report from an ongoing investigation on time, place and memory.

“places are congealed scenes for remembered contents; and as such they serve to situate what we remember.” (Casey, Remembering, 2000, 401)

It all began with a photograph. Reminding me of a certain time and of certain people. Of a certain place.

Föra Socken. Having returned to this place once a year for as long as I can remember, there is something comforting in the scenery's indifference to the changes that have taken place in my life. In the knowledge that the waves continue their tireless shaping of the stones even in my absence. That the wind continues to tear at the branches of the few trees that have taken root here, regardless of my presence. It’s an ongoing process. One that speaks of history and timelessness at the very same time. One that reflects on the link between generations.


Bengt Rahmbengt.rahm@student.konstfack.se 0707-835912

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