Shoegaze. Lisa Grip and Danae Valenza. Curated by Vasco Forconi.

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29 mars 2019 kl 18:00 - 30 april 2019 kl 17:00
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Italian Cultural Institute
Gärdesgatan 14

Photo: Lisa Grip

On 29 March at 18:00 the Italian Cultural Institute of Stockholm, in partnership with Konstfack, will present Shoegaze, an exhibition of new works by Lisa Grip and Danae Valenza.

The project is curated by Vasco Forconi, student at Curatorlab at Konstfack. It is divided in four chapters running throughout 2019, will see Sweden and Italy-based artists interact with the building designed by Gio Ponti.

The exhibition is open 1–30 April.
Hours: Monday to Thursday 14–17, Friday 10–13

Shoegaze is a subtle tribute to the homonymous musical subculture which emerged in the UK in the late 1980s. The derogatory term coined by the press soon came to represent a short-lived yet influential movement that was able to resist the regime of spectacularity and entertainment dictated by the music market. The desire to be on the public stage with a shy yet often confrontational attitude, the determination to preserve their artistic research, and the affective nature of their collective experience make shoegazing a potential reference for a younger generation of visual artists struggling with self-representation, precarious identity and individualized socio-political attitudes.

The large furnished window designed by Gio Ponti as the only visual threshold between the inside and the outside of the building becomes the stage and the visual device that artists are invited to activate with the production of new works, reflecting on the notions of public appearance and intimacy, voice and shyness, performativity and frailty. In the first chapter of Shoegaze Lisa Grip and Danae Valenza occupy the space surrounding the window with two separate works, respectively a visual and a sound landscape, which originate from an extended conversation between them. Both artists share an interest in opening up their practice to a collaboration with groups of people close to them, often dealing with ideas of friction, care and intimacy.

With her installation Lisa Grip reverses the function of Gio Ponti's window and the viewer's gaze through it. A large metal skeleton mirroring its design is installed inside the building, becoming the support structure for large-scale photographic prints reproducing an almost abstract natural landscape. The use of analog photographic paper, only partially fixed, allows the prints to keep developing throughout the exhibition. In the foreground, stuck to the surface of the glass, the artist places the negative of two embracing figures lying on the ground. An enigmatic and reversed landscape scene opens up in front of the viewer, subtly overturning and blurring the distinctions between inside and outside, intimate and public.

In the open space in front of the furnished window, Danae Valenza plays a sound piece that has been produced by arranging various elements of pre-existing songs and musical tracks. The result is a soundscape, almost like the score of an invisible movie, that aims to activate the political potential contained within the act of listening. The sound fragments are collected from a diverse range of sources (from ethnographic archives to old pop songs) representing the broad spectrum of musical experience. They are then patiently processed and mixed in a non-hierarchical compositional structure.

Vasco ForconiSkyddad adress +39 3387171602

CuratorLab, Extern arrangör


Lisa Grip (b. 1988, Stockholm) lives and works in Stockholm. Her work has been exhibited in solo exhibitions at: Galleri Konstfack, Stockholm (2019), Research Week Konstfack, Stockholm (2019). She took part in group exhibitions at: Konstnärshuset/SKF, Stockholm (2018), Centrum för fotografi, Stockholm (2018), KK19, Berlin (2017). She is currently undertaking an MFA at Konstfack University, Stockholm.

Danae Valenza (b. 1985, Adelaide, AU) lives and works in Stockholm. She has participated in exhibitions at: Konsthall C (SWE), Govett-Brewster Museum (Len Lye Centre) (NZ), Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Museum for Contemporary Art (Sydney), Nieuwe Vidé (NED), Ian Potter Museum of Art, VCA Margaret Lawrence, Westspace, Firstdraft and festivals such as Liquid Architecture, Dance Massive and Next Wave. She was a Gertrude Contemporary Resident from 2013-15, completed a residency at HIAP (FI) in 2015 and was the winner of the Balletlab McMahon Contemporary Art award in 2018. She has been the recipient of a Sydney Art Fair Deutsche Bank Commission, Ian Potter Cultural Trust Travelling Scholarship, JUMP Mentorship grant, City of Melbourne Docklands Grant, Australia Council Art Start Grant, and Linden Contemporary Innovators Award. She is currently undertaking an MFA at Konstfack University, Stockholm.

Vasco Forconi (b. 1991, Rome) lives and works in Rome and Stockholm. He is contributor to Inside Art, ATP Diary, Exibart, Nero on Theory and Artribune. Among the curated projects: Talent Prize VI, Casa dell'Architettura, Rome (2013), IT. Spazi di percezione tra intangibile e tangibile, Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Rome (2014), Incontra, Rome (2015), Disrupted Drawings, mhPROJECT, New York (2017), Da Franco Senza Appuntamento, Rome (2018), A Messy Knot (in motion pictures), The Bioscope Independent Cinema, Johannesburg (2018), Italiani brava gente, Fondazione VOLUME!, Rome (2018). He is currently attending CuratorLab at Konstfack.

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