Open Lecture: Trojan Horse on summer schools, role-play & money

Datum och tid
15 mars 2019 kl 18:00 - 20:00
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Plats och färdväg

Svarta havet
Konstfack, LM Ericssons väg 14, Stockholm (Se karta)
Färdväg: Tunnelbana eller buss till Telefonplan

Welcome to an open lecture by Helsinki based initiative Trojan Horse co-hosted by the BA Graphic design & Illustration (GFI).

In the lecture three members of the Trojan Horse (Danai, Kaisa and Tommi) will present the current structure, strategy and educational methods of the Trojan Horse. They will also reflect on the theme of their latest summer school ‘the choreography of money’ and tell about their recent role-play projects and a publication they are working on.

The lecture will be in discussion format in English and open for everyone. There will be a soup and drinks to share.

On Saturday, 16 March you can join for Workshop: Live Action Role-Play with Trojan Horse (rsvp: Skyddad adress)

You are super warmly welcome. ♥


Trojan Horse is an autonomous educational platform based in Helsinki.

Trojan Horse organizes summer schools, live-action role-plays, workshops and reading circles exploring the boundaries and preconditions that define the field where architects, designers, and artists operate today.

Trojan Horse aims to create flexible yet steady structures that support critical design discourses over a longer time span while remaining open for cross-pollination and changes.


School in Common is a self-organized school for studying, learning and being in common, based in Stockholm (SE) and Utrecht (NL)

The lecture by Trojan Horse is presented as part of the one-year program a school (is a school, is a ____) initiated by School in Common. In this context Trojan Horse contributed to the ongoing publishing project a school (is a school, is a pamphlet) which asks the what, how and for whom? on alternative and critical school projects. Their answers informed the exhibition Dissident Business with work by Davide Christelle Sanvee and Antoine Guay, on view at Candyland until 24 March.


A school (is a school, is a ____) is made possible with the support of Stockholm Stad and Kulturrådet. The exhibition at Candyland received additional support from Candyland and Residence Botkyrka.

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