Matter and Decay

Datum och tid
22 augusti 2019 kl 17:00 - 21 september 2019 kl 18:00
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Plats och färdväg

Berg Gallery
Hälsingegatan 43

The new exhibition "Matter and Decay" is a continuation from Simon Anund's (Lecturer at Konstfack) previous exhibitions Fragile, Post Amorfa and Defectus Occultos, which dealt with surfaces, superficiality, facades, protective walls with aesthetically perfect surface layers and filters. A strive for bodily perfection and at the same time an elitist need to show that one is sufficiently cultivated to look past the surface.

Decay is part of all life cycles, both in buildings and in humans. It is said that one should age with dignity, but after all, everything does not age very well. Does decay become more obvious or bigger if everything that has happened before, was all about the facade?

Some are provoked by decay. In Stockholm there are no pile-worn industrial areas and no dilapidated houses, everything is polished, beautiful and clean. But can you hide behind surfaces and if so, for how long? Can the slums, the dirt and the social problems be removed or does the gentrification just push the decay further away, further out?

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