Welcome Back

Datum och tid
30 september 2018 kl 18:00 - 11 november 2018 kl 16:00
Typ av händelse
Plats och färdväg

Form/Design Center
Lilla Torg 9
Malmö, Sweden

Welcome Back is based on an exploration of the geological epoch Anthropecene, the age we are in today, an era defined by man.

Katja Pettersson, Senior Lecturer at Konstfack,  invites us to enter a post-apocalyptic room, which we would be a museum visitor from a future. Objects and intricate machines - inspired by Christopher Polhems mechanical alphabet - historical capsules by which we are invited to try our own thoughts, search with in ourselves.

Seldom has an exhibition mirrored the contemporary situation as Katja Pettersson's exhibition Welcome Back. After the summers shocking heat and the lack of rain, it feels like we approach the reality of her fictional future museum faster than we could have imagined.

The clay crackle under the visitor's feet and the sound of the elements wind water earth and fire is produced by a by an apparatus, since it can no longer be experienced in reality, makes Pettersson's vision of the future extremely concrete.

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