"Scene Unseen in the Subtropics" at HeXiangNing Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

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1 december 2018 kl 12:00 - 3 mars 2019 kl 21:00
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HeXiangNing Art Museum

Scene Unseen in the Subtropics:Contemporary Design from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Katja Pettersson (Senior Lecturer at Konstfack), Åsa Jungnelius (Senior Lecturer at Konstfack), Anne Katrine Senstad, Ben Clement & Sebastian de la Cour, Jenny Nordberg, Kivi Sotamaa & Tuuli Sotamaa, Lasse Andersen & Jens Lee Jørgensen, Laura Juslin& Lilli Maunula, Lise Bjerre Schmidt & Sofie Trier Mørk & Helle Vibeke Jensen, Michael T. Nartey, Petter Knudsen & Anders Berg & Steinar Hindenes, Philipp von Hase, Sami Niemel & Simone Rebaudengo


Un-Vase by Katja Pettersson, Senior Lecturer at Konstfack, cannot hold flowers nor water it resemble the shape of a function that is associated. One hundred vases, produced in Jindezhen will one by one be swept to the floor by a super-slow mechanical arm. By the end of the exhibition, a pile of ceramic pieces will be built around the table. In the room a film is presenting all the hands that have handled the vases along the way from digging clay to the final transport. The project confronts with the cynicism and insecurity in the contemporary consumer economy and how we allow ourselves to be fooled to accept the rules of the system and sustainability.

Katja PetterssonSkyddad adress 0707788441

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