Production Novellas on Masonite and other Materials. 80% PhD seminar.

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11 oktober 2018 kl 09:30 - 12:00
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Anna Holmquist, PhD student in the KTD doctoral programme, will be presenting 80% of her PhD research project, entitled "Production Novellas on Masonite and other Materials".

In Anna Holmquist practice-based research, she investigates the complex transformation of manufacturing cultures and materials in changing local, national and global contexts and sites of production. As a design case, the research builds on the design work carried out at Studio Folkform during the relocation of a Masonite hardboard factory from Sweden to Thailand.

Through an auto-ethnographic narrative method of writing and visualizing the manufacturing process, the project develops Production Novellas to find a language to talk about and communicate local industrial production processes in the intersection between craft and design.

Folkform is the name of an art and design duo comprising designers Anna Holmquist and Chandra Ahlsell.

Opponent: Dr Mårten Medbo

Text material is available on request via Anna Holmquist: Skyddad adress

Anna HolmquistSkyddad adress 073 76 75 545

Doktorandprogrammet i konst, teknik och design


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