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4 oktober 2018 kl 17:00 - 27 oktober 2018 kl 16:00
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Fiberspace Gallery
Katarina Bangata 40

A craft exchange project by Shogo Hirata and Lisa Juntunen Roos (MA Student at Craft!)

Since 2016 project Intertradition have been working with textile craft and cultural exchanges between Japan and Sweden, in October we invite you to the final exhibition in Sweden.

In this exhibition we will show the width of project Intertradition. One of the most central parts in this project is the "Intertraditional Fabric" that we created together with Shimogawa Orimono, a family runned weaving mill in Yame Fukuoka. This fabric is made in the tradition of Kurume-Kasuri and designed with inspiration from Swedish weaving patterns, a fabric that doesn't belong in any of the cultures more or less and therefor also both.

Behind this fabric there is a story to be told of impressive knowledge and craft skills that we have documented. For this exhibition we will also take the concept we been working with back in to our own studios and continue the craft exchange ideas there.

The documentation of a traditional textile craft process together with our own work as individual textile artists will take place in an intertraditional exhibition at Fiberspace Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden.

Lisa Juntunen RoosSkyddad adress 0702791197

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