Higher Seminar: Michael Hardt

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8 maj 2018 kl 13:00 - 16:00
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Konstfack, LM Ericssons väg 14, Stockholm (Se karta)
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Michael Hardt.
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Comradely Love as Organising Principle
For the academic year 2017/2018 CuratorLab has engaged in a collaborative research on the life and work of Russian revolutionary feminist and diplomat Aleksandra Kollontai together with Tensta Konthall, the artist Dora García and invited guests.

Throughout literature, art and political theories the practice of love and its strength remains a recurring preoccupation. The concept of love can be described as that social power and drive for association necessary for the production of something in common. Love is a force of social cooperation that is different than other concepts such as solidarity in that it extends beyond a rational calculus of interests, comprising several forms of relations and remains non-spontaneous as its both historically and materially determined.

In this seminar, we will be exploring how the Bolshevik revolutionary and minister in the first Soviet government Aleksandra Kollontai and her critique of love based on property relations, should be abolished to invent a new love, a love beyond property, regardless of whether sex is involved. In her times Kollontais call for free love and proposals to transform traditional family relations in communist society were deliberately misinterpreted by the post-revolutionary leadership. The Soviets discard for the vision to build a new culture based on comradely love meant a retreat to patriarchal power relations centred on the idealisation of the male worker. In Kollontais writing, we instead find an analysis of the inherently political and collective dimension of the organisation of love, sex and social relations. A Winged Eros that would transgress gender and sexual boundaries and form the basis for a new society. A form of love that has to be defined by multiplicity, a love of many in many ways and as such a powerful organising principle and model for collective action in the formation of the commons.

Kollontai’s comradely love will be discussed together with texts that bring up different conceptions of love and their political and social implications. In Practicing Love: Black Feminism, Love-Politics, and Post-Intersectionality by Jennifer C. Nash the idea of love as a tool of political organisation is discussed through the black feminist politics during second wave feminism and their consolidation of love as a practice of the self and a nonidentitarian strategy for constructing political communities. The idea of a generous and more unrestrained conception of love can be contrasted with other political understandings of love, such as the love of the family or the love of your own kind, love as a principle of division, critically examined by Sarah Ahmed in her text In the Name of Love from 2003. What love is, how it is used and misused appears as a fundamental question of our times.

About Michael Hardt
Michael Hardt is a widely known and read scholar, a literary theorist and political philosopher. He is Professor of Literature and Director of the Marxism & Society Certificate Program at Duke University, Durham USA, where he is teaching classes on history of critical theory, and political theory such as Marx, Jefferson, Gramsci, Foucault, Deleuze and Guattari, and modern Italian literature and culture. Michael Hardt has together with Antonio Negri investigated the political, legal, economic and social aspects of globalization in the tetralogy Empire (2000), Multitude (2004), Commonwealth (2009) and the latest book Assembly (2017) being translated into Swedish by Tankekraft förlag. Michael Hardt's writings engage with new forms of domination in the contemporary world and the social movements and other forces of liberation that resist them.

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Texts to read for the seminar:
Sarah Ahmed, In the Name of Love, Borderlands e journal, VOLUME 2 NUMBER 3, 2003

Jennifer C. Nash, Practicing Love: Black Feminism, Love-Politics, and Post-Intersectionality, Indiana University Press, Meridians, Vol. 11, No. 2 (2011), pp. 1-24

Marthin Luther King Jr, Loving Your Enemies, Chapter five in Strength To Love, Fortress press Gift Edition, 2010

Hardt Michael, Davis Heather, Sarlin Paige. No One is Sovereing in Love: A Conversation Between Lauren Berlant and Michael Hardt – Heather Davis & Paige Sarlin, Nomorepotlucks . org, issue 18:amour, 2011 (http://nomorepotlucks.org/site/no-one-is-sovereign-in-love-a-conversation-between-lauren-berlant-and-michael-hardt/)

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