Haciendo Contexto 2

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15 februari 2018 kl 19:00 - 15 mars 2018 kl 20:00
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Proyecto AMIL
Centro Comercial Camino Real
(Corner of Víctor Andrés Belaúnde and Avenida Camino Real, underground)
Lima, Peru

Collaborative Laboratory of Contemporary Art in Lima, Peru

20 February – 15 March 2018

Opening: Thursday, 15 February, 7pm

Proyecto AMIL is pleased to invite you to the exhibition HACIENDO CONTEXTO II. Organized by Martin Gustavsson and Rodrigo Gómez Olivos, this is a presentation of the results of the Collaborative Laboratory of Contemporary Art in Lima.

Developed with nine artists from Peru and Sweden, and taking as a starting point the cultural syncretism in the ‘Cuzco School of Painting’, the personal and collaborative proposals of the participants put forth a reflection on colonialism and cultural cross-dressing in Peru from the sixteenth century onwards.

Participating Artists:
Alejandro Montero Bravo (Stockholm)
Clara Best (Lima)
Ginés Frayssinet (Lima)
Jiefar Del Aguila (Trujillo)
Juan Oscar Guzman Svensson (Stockholm)
Julio Urbina Rey (Lima)
Manuel Limay Incil (Cajamarca)
Martin Gustavsson (London)
Pablo Fernández (Lima)
Rodrigo Gómez Olivos (Valparaíso)
Sandra Salazar (Lima)

This exhibition was made possible with the support of Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm.

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