Shade and Shading: Modular Ceramic Elements in Architecture

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17 februari 2017 kl 10:00 - 12:00
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Konstfack, LM Ericssons väg 14, Stockholm (Se karta)
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Lectures by Lena Dubinsky.

1.Shade and Shading: Modular Ceramic Elements in Architecture
Regional architectural history in the Middle East abounds with practical suggestions for coping with the local climate conditions that have developed over the centuries. Hence, an understanding of the environmental sources and the social motivations for using shading components, both in the traditional and vernacular Muslim architecture and in the Israeli architecture of the mid-twentieth century, becomes essential for formulating effective rules of design from ecological perspective.

This lecture surveys the products of the studio "Shade and Shading" which was held at the Bezalel Academy. The starting point for planning projects was the local architectural experience which had accumulated but been forgotten or partially abandoned; this is then fertile ground for the emergence of current climate-adjusted planning principles.

2. This lecture focuses on the work Lena Dubinsky accomplished during the period of last ten years

In Lena Dubinsky's work she deals with issues concerning human to human and human to environment relationships. She works mostly with porcelain and other ceramic materials.

Lena Dubinsky finds them most suitable to express her ideas about human environment. Lena Dubinsky makes functional objects and also conceptual design, all in self production in her studio.

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