New Nordic Tigers - Konstfack

New Nordic Tigers

Datum och tid
11 oktober 2017 kl 17:00 - 15 oktober 2017 kl 22:00
Typ av händelse
Plats och färdväg

Multisalen, Nørrebrohallen
Den Røde Plads
Copenhagen N

Moa Larsdotter Persson, student at the Master program CRAFT! Textile, is one of seven costume designers invited to the New Nordic Tigers performance exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The costumes are created on spot for the audience/visitors of the exhibition, and the idea is for each costume designer to make an interpretation of a new nordic national costume, on the questions:

What function/role could a costume have in the future?
What opportuneties opens up when we redefine the purpose of a costume?

About the New Nordic Tigers project:
"The New Nordic Tiger Project is an on-going global exhibition founded by a group of entrepreneurs and artist. The interactive exhibition, that invite people from around the world to engage in questions on how humans can co-exist sustainable in the planet.

The New Nordic Tiger project is not just an awareness project, but an opportunity to get involved in a global movement by sharing ideas, hopes and thoughts with scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs from all over the world. A global portal will be created, where these ideas, concepts and thoughts will be shared and available for the worlds viewing.

We are ambassadors whom are eager to investigate on how humans can live more responsibly."

Moa Larsdotter PerssonSkyddad adress +4529806397

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