Martin Avila lecturing at "Hybrid Ecologies"

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12 januari 2017 kl 19:00 - 21:00
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Cx Centre For Interdisciplinary Studies
Academy of Fine Arts Munich

Martin Avila, Senior Lecturer of Design for sustainable development will participate on 12 January 2017 at the lecture series “Hybrid Ecologies” in Munich, Germany.

The series are conceived by the cx centre for interdisciplinary studies together with the Chair of Philosophy |Aesthetic Theory at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. Given the current topicality of debates on ecology, it not only draws attention to the historical alliances of this notion with the concept of “milieu”, which genealogically prepare the entanglements of natural and artificial processes. It also examines the biopolitical reformatting of ecology, which frames these entanglements as power-political relations. In this sense, the lecture series considers ecology as a ‘polemical’ notion, whose multivalence opens up new fields of action and yet, thanks precisely to this openness and vast applicability, at the same time poses problems.

Against this background the interdisciplinary contributions to the series seek to explore the political and social effects that a rethinking of community in ecological and thus also in biopolitical terms may provoke, and which consequences the contemporary notion of ecology might entail for artistic and design practices in particular.

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