Can architecture be textile? Can textile be architecture? - Ulrika Mårtensson

Datum och tid
23 februari 2017 kl 17:00 - 18 mars 2017 kl 16:00
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Fiberspace Gallery
Katarina Bangata 40

Through the work of the hand using textile materials and craft techniques, Ulrika Mårtensson, Senior Lecturer at Konstfack, aims to investigate how architecture can be given a textile embodiment, as an alternative to what architecture is generally considered to be. Her ambition is to investigate how the characteristics often associated with textiles, such as narrative storytelling, culture-bearing and tactility can contribute new insights. Can architecture be textile? Can textile be architecture?

Ulrika will attempt to answer these questions through a physical installation and a presentation of her on-going research.

In addition to the exhibition, textile designer Akane Moriyama and the head of Research and Development at White Architects, Malin Zimm will converse with Ulrika about these ideas. The talk will be held on 15 March starting at 18:00.

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