Friday lecture: Sustainable flea market

Tim Brauns: The lecture will be about my passion about flea markets, about objects, about principals and functions on the on hand side and about soft facts you can learn by reading those products and places on the other hand. Further I would like to open a discussion about the flea market as a place to prolong the lifeterm of products by relocating them.

Datum och tid
16 mars 2012 kl 10:00 - 12:00
Typ av händelse
Plats och färdväg

Konstfack, LM Ericssons väg 14, Stockholm (Se karta)
Färdväg: Tunnelbana eller buss till Telefonplan

2. workshop "longer life"
Sustainability became a marketing tool with a serious background. I would like to find honest ways of sustainability. Sometimes it is not necessary to turn on the big wheel to reach a change. Maybe we can find a trigger for the start. How can we prolong the lifeterm of an apparent broken or useless object. This can be technique, a concept or service design, due to the short time of three hours.

Please bring an object to work on and to communicate your elaborated idea.

About Tim Brauns
Tim Brauns is a designer and owner of e27 in Berlin since 1993. The designstudio engages in product design and graphic design.

Tim Brauns has a diploma from Hochschule der Künste in Berlin (1996) and has also studied at the École des Beaux Arts in Toulouse (1995). Through the years he has held lectures and workshops in Germany, France and Italy and has been awarded numerous awards.

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Friday lectures are given in English and are mandatory for first year Master students, but they are also open to the public.

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