Milano 2014 - Konstfack - Chamaikarn Chartsiri
Why Are You so Distant?
Chamaikarn Chartsiri
Being Thai, the intimate greetings of everyday western life always amaze me. Handshaking, hugging and kissing include close physical contact, but a strong boundary appears when it comes to dining. Everyone has individual plates with cutlery and a clear personal dining space. No matter how close you are, there is distance during a meal; no sharing and no touching anymore.


This napkin creates a connection between two diners. When one moves, it affects the other and they both feel the connection. The diners can read and say the embroidered words and sentences on the napkin which can help make a conversation flow. It is also a good way to unite two strangers that are sitting opposite each other at dinner so they start to get to know one another.

The napkin is made from a classic, white cotton satin chosen to indicate the usage of the textile piece. The hand embroidery technique represents the preciousness of connection.