Coronavirus: information for students and staff

11 January 2022

Information for students and staff about covid-19 and how it affects our common everyday life. Now we meet again in Konstfack's restaurant, library, exhibition spaces and other premises. Konstfack therefore encourages all students and staff who can to vaccinate against covid-19.

Information for students

Information for staff

Information from government agencies


NEW 20220111! New restrictions

Unfortunately, infection of covid-19 is increasing in the region and Konstfack has had several positive cases of infection among both students and staff. We will follow recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Agency and the Stockholm Region and clarify below what specifically affects Konstfack's activities.

Konstfack's management is constantly checking the current infection situation. Adjustment to remote work and distance learning, and on the other harnd return to work and teaching on campus may take place at short notice. Priority is given to teaching and examination being able to take place on campus.


The following applies from January 12, 2022


  • Teaching will primarily take place at Konstfack. Some activities, such as lectures, can be held remotely. The responsible teacher decides which course elements that will be carried out through distance teaching.
  • Lectures with more students than 49 (maximum number of people for the lecture halls Mandelgren and Svarta havet is 50) must be held remotely.
  • Remember to keep your distance in all teaching situations: examinations, seminars and group activities. Microphone and speakers can be borrowed at the front desk, if needed. Use face mask when congestion can´t be avoided.

Public events:

  • Open lectures and seminars for external visitors are only offered digitally until February 13, 2022.
  • No public openings or similar until February 13, 2022.
    Maximum number of people according to the exhibition hall's instructions.

In addition, the following still applies:

Guidelines for employees:
• Staff return to work from home when possible. The nearest manager decides who will work on campus.
• Digital meetings are preferred, physical meetings to be held at a distance.
• If you belong to a risk group (see the National Board of Health and Welfare's definition, in Swedish), a risk assessment must be made to adapt work on campus. Risk assessment is done by the nearest manager with the support of the work environment coordinator / occupational health care. Decisions on possible adjustments are made by the nearest manager.

Guidelines for students at Konstfack:
• Follow, if any, instructions on the maximum number of people / bookings for workshops.
• Use face mask during personal instruction when the recommended distance cannot be maintained.
• The course teacher assesses whether the teaching should be digital or on campus.
• If you belong to a risk group (see the National Board of Health and Welfare's definition, in Swedish), a risk assessment must be made to investigate any adapted participation in certain elements / examinations. Risk assessment is done by the course teacher or equivalent, with the support of the work environment coordinator and, if necessary, the workshop coordinator. Decisions on possible adaptations are made by the head of department.
• No alcohol consumption, student parties, pubs or similar.



Reminder: In the event of a continued increase in spread of infection with an impact on health care, the Swedish Public Health Agency sees a need for:

General advice for individuals

  • Keep distance and avoid congestion.
  • If possible, choose means of transport other than public transport.
  • Use face masks in public transport if congestion can't be avoided.

General advice for employers

  • Enable employees to work from home in some extent.
  • If possible, conduct meetings digitally instead of physically.
  • Avoid larger crowds.
  • Take measures to enable staff to, when possibel, to keep distance at the workplace.



Basic precautions

To avoid to spread covid-19 you should:

  • stay at home in case of symptoms of covid-19,
  • wash your hands frequently and thoroughly or use hand sanitizer, and
  • keep informed of special recommendations from the Public Health Agency and the regional infection control doctor.

Read the Swedish Public Health Agency's regulations and general advice in full here: The Swedish Public Health Agency.


Konstfack's crisis group and crisis plan

Information about Konstfack's crisis group and crisis plan can be found on the intranet: "Krisplan/Crisis plan".


Do you have questions?

For general questions regarding your work or studies at Konstfack, you should first contact your nearest manager, respective course or programme responsible teacher.

For general questions about the outbreak, you should primarily seek information through the above sources.
For questions related to suspected illness, please contact the national health care center via telephone number 1177 or online
You can also contact the Student Health Services (through Stockholm University ) for support (anxiety e.g.).

As a manager and employer you can benefit from The Swedish Agency for Government Employers as well as information about staff health care on