Coronavirus: information for students and staff

11 October 2021

Information for students and staff about covid-19 and how it affects our common everyday life. Now we meet again in Konstfack's restaurant, library, exhibition spaces and other premises. Konstfack therefore encourages all students and staff who can to vaccinate against covid-19.

Information for students

Information for staff

Information from government agencies


NEW! Autumn Term 2021

Pursuant to the latest decision by the Swedish Government and changes to general recommendations issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the decision of 9 June 2021 Adapted Operations at Konstfack – Autumn Term 2021 (RÖ§29) is hearby superseded.

Fundamental principles
• Konstfack will conduct its operations as normally as possible while abiding by the recommendations for infection control measures issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden based on the prevailing level of infection throughout the pandemic.
• All staff and students bear responsibility for complying with decisions and recommendations regarding measures to control the spread of infection.

For students (regardless of any adaptions to operations necessitated by the pandemic)
• Teaching and examinations will be conducted either at Konstfack or remotely. If your timetable states that you are to be present on the University campus, this applies unless otherwise stated by the course coordinator.
• If you belong to an at-risk group (cf. National Board of Health and Welfare definitions) and need to adapt your participation in certain course components or examinations, please contact the course coordinator to discuss individual solutions.

After 15 September
Exhibition spaces and public areas
• Public exhibitions may once again be held in Konstfack's exhibition spaces between 08:00 and 20:00 on weekdays and 08:00 and 20:00 at weekends.
• Konstfack's public spaces will be open to external guests and the public.

Remaining restrictions from 15 September until 28 September
Exhibition spaces and public areas
• Exhibitions/openings may be held observing infection control measures regarding social distancing and the maximum permitted number of people in attendance.
• The consumption of alcohol is not permitted in conjunction with openings.
• The student kitchen is open but infection control measures regarding social distancing and maximum number of people remain in force.

Work and teaching
• In accordance with the Government's decision, only staff whose physical presence is necessary to conduct operations will be present on Konstfack's premises.
• Teaching and examinations will be held remotely wherever possible. The decision on whether distance teaching/examination is feasible rests with the course coordinator and/or head of department.
• Wherever possible, Departments should be prepared to offer individual solutions for students who are unable to participate in teaching or examination because they belong to an at-risk group (cf. National Board of Health and Welfare definitions).

Remaining restrictions after 29 September
• No alcohol consumption, student parties, pub nights or similar activities will be permitted up to and including 30 November.
(After 29 September, alcohol may be served at openings subject to obtaining a permit in accordance with the previous procedure.)

Recommendations to reduce the spread of COVID-19 – Public Health Agency of Sweden (


Basic precautions

To avoid to spread covid-19 you should:

  • stay at home in case of symptoms of covid-19,
  • wash your hands frequently and thoroughly or use hand sanitizer, and
  • keep informed of special recommendations from the Public Health Agency and the regional infection control doctor.

Read the Swedish Public Health Agency's regulations and general advice in full here: The Swedish Public Health Agency.


Konstfack's crisis group and crisis plan

Information about Konstfack's crisis group and crisis plan can be found on the intranet: "Krisplan/Crisis plan".


Do you have questions?

For general questions regarding your work or studies at Konstfack, you should first contact your nearest manager, respective course or programme responsible teacher.

For general questions about the outbreak, you should primarily seek information through the above sources.
For questions related to suspected illness, please contact the national health care center via telephone number 1177 or online
You can also contact the Student Health Services (through Stockholm University ) for support (anxiety e.g.).

As a manager and employer you can benefit from The Swedish Agency for Government Employers as well as information about staff health care on