Coronavirus: information for students and staff

18 March 2020

Students and staff are encouraged to stay updated via the Public Health Agency's and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' web pages about the general state of infection and the development of the corona virus.
Konstfack's crisis group is monitoring the situation together with other colleges and universities and following the information and recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

New information is marked with New!

New Plan for Konstfack's Degree Exhibition

Konstfack's Degree Exhibition 2020 will not be supplemented with physical exhibitions in the autumn. The reason for this decision is due to lack of available space and continued risk of infection. The curators will focus on the digital catalogue, which also will be published in a printed version.

1. There will be a shortage of spaces at Konstfack in the autumn. Due to already scheduled courses (200 new students start in September) as well as other courses and exhibitions within the ongoing education that have been moved to the fall, we cannot implement a physical exhibition in our spaces.

2. There is also risk of continued infection of COVID 19 and the new guidelines from the Swedish Health Agency will be in effect until the 31st of December 2020. Even in the autumn it will most likely be difficult for the public to visit Konstfack or other exhibition spaces.

Curatorial support
The Degree Exhibition's curators Asrin Haidari and Emily Fahlén are available as curatorial support during this completely new process and will take a conceptual approach for both the online and printed catalogues in order to create a consistent curatorial line. Both versions will be produced as an opportunity to distribute projects outside of Konstfack. Responsible teachers and students will be contacted by the curators to discuss the new format and your aims and ideas.

Filmed exam projects and final exhibitions
The highest priority is that our graduating students, together with teachers, can implement this spring's courses, course requirements and examinations before the end of the term. Therefore, their access to workshops and other necessary spaces have been prioritized. The filming of examinations, individual and group exhibitions continue to the end of the term with support from Curator Jonatan Habib Engqvist and Linn Rivero Mildén, Communications Officer. These films may be part of the online catalogue.




NEW! Starting from Wednesday, 18th of March at 4 p.m., Konstfack's premises will be closed for teaching based on the recommendations by the government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden. During the next few days, we will investigate how to best implement teaching, mainly through digital solutions.

The tags will stop functioning for all students from Thursday at 4 p.m. This means that it will not be possible for students to come in through entrances or other parts of the building. You need to pack up your things and take them home between Wednesday and Thursday.

Teaching will take place through distance courses for as long as possible. It is important that students and personnel keep up to date through information on the intranet and email.
Employees will keep their access even if several are working from home. The priority is to keep important functions going.

Certain areas at Konstfack might be kept open for graduating students in order to complete their degree projects and build exhibitions. The ambition is to use digital communication with photos, film and the web to replace the public's physical presence.

Starting next week, graduating students will have prioritized access to studios and workshops that are necessary for independent/individual degree work: second-year masters, teacher education and third-year bachelors. We will get back to you with further details about this. For all other students, the premises are closed until further notice; stay up to date on what matters to you.

More information is coming; keep up to date via the intranet and by email.


Konstfack's recommendations to students and staff
Current information from government agencies
Do you have questions?

Questions and Answers
General questions
For students
For staff

Current statistics about the total number of infected can be found on the Public Health Agency’s website and they also provide FAQs in English.

Additional links and information are provided below.


Konstfack's recommendations to students and staff:

  • Stay home if you feel sick with symptoms such as runny nose, cough or fever. It is important to not risk infecting others.
  • New! For those of you who will be present at Konstfack:
    Stay home if you feel ill with symptoms such as sniffing, coughing or fever. It is important not to risk infecting others. Stay at home for two more days when you are free from symptom. Notify the course teacher / tutor (if you are a student) and your manager (if you are an employee) if you are ill.
  • New! Konstfack is not permitting unnecessary work or study trips within Sweden until futher notice. Already booked trips during the spring semester (until July 15) must be canceled or rebooked.
  • Unnecessary meetings / conferences / visits to and outside Konstfack with external participants (members of councils and committees, opponents, partners, etc.) must be canceled, postponed or carried out digitally. This applies until April 15, 2020.
  • No external visitors (for example family, friends, partners) can attend exhibitions or lectures. This applies until April 15, 2020.
  • All exhibition openings are to be cancelled until 15th April , 2020.
  • All parties on Konstfack premises are to be cancelled until 15th April, 2020.

In case your studies or work is affected, you need to contact your nearest course/program coordinator or manager so that studies and work can continue in the best way possible.


Current information from government agencies:

Affected students and staff are encouraged to stay updated via the sources below.

  • National information contact number: 113 13 for answers about coronavirus illness, COVID-19 (In English unless noted otherwise)

Avoid spreading infection through coughing/sneezing and contaminating your hands. Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water before meals or food handling and after using the bathroom. Use hand sanitizer.

Do you have questions?

For general questions regarding your work or studies at Konstfack, you should first contact your nearest manager, respective course or programme responsible teacher.

For general questions about the outbreak, you should primarily seek information through the above sources.
For questions related to suspected illness, please contact the national health care center via telephone number 1177 or online
You can also contact the Student Health Services (through Stockholm University ) for support (anxiety e.g.).
As a manager and employer you can benefit from The Swedish Agency for Government Employers as well as information about staff health care on


Questions and Answers

General questions

What will happen when a first case is confirmed?
Answer: It is Stockholm Region's medical officer and disease control unit which has responsibility for a confirmed case. Konstfack will support and work with Stockholm Region in this effort, for example by providing information to the medical officer, to concerned staff/students, through practical interventions of various kinds, etc.

For students

New! How will I get access to the program licenses I need?
Answer: IT is investigating options and information will be available next week.

New! Where can I find information about my financial aid from CSN?
Answer: The government answered that previously granted financial aid will not be taken away even though courses are paused due to the coronavirus. CSN is going to continue to pay your financial aid. You do not need to contact CSN or do anything else. You can read more on CSN's website (in Swedish).

I am/will be going on a study exchange and feel worried, what should I do?
Answer: Contact your international advisor to discuss what you can do.

New! I am doing a study exchange and I wonder about Kammarkollegiet's (the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency's) insurance: What is the policy in regard to cancelled trips and/or illness?
Answer: Read more about cancelled trips  and/ or illness and other insurance coverage for exchange studies here:

I don't dare to be at Konstfack because I am afraid to be infected – is it possible to study by distance during this time?
Answer: Contact your course advisor or teacher if it is possible to participate by distance (for example, via zoom).

New! Question: I have my degree exhibition soon but if no external visitors can come here, how can family, friends, gallerists or journalists see it?!
Answer: We are increasing our communication efforts so that parts of the outward operations, such as an exhibition, can be presented/followed online for outsiders. Keep up to date through your advisor.

Can I get extra help or support from Student Health Services during this current situation?
Answer: If you are worried, you can contact Student Health Services through our partnership with Stockholm University.
However, they do not provide tests or other medical advice in connection to COVID-19/coronavirus.

For staff

What happens if I want to unbook my work-related travel – does Konstfack get the money back?
Answer: If you want to cancel plans due to the coronavirus, you cannot unbook without paying the cancellation fees connected to the purchased tickets. However, if an airline company cancels a flight due to the coronavirus, then you get a full refund.

The coronavirus outbreak in other countries is not a valid reason to receive reimbursement for a cancelled trip. This is true even if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has advised against travel to specific countries. Konstfack's insurance applies only if the traveler, or a close relation to the traveler, becomes sick, is injured in an accident, or if a burglary happens in their home. Illness or a virus outbreak in a vacation destination is not valid grounds for the insurance coverage to apply.

I want to avoid coming to work because I know there are colleagues who have recently travelled to areas where there is risk for infection. Can I work from home?
Answer: The Public Health Agency requests who can work from home to do so. At the same time, important functions need to be ensured within the organization. Make an agreement with your manager for when you must be present at Konstfack and when you can work from home.

A colleague is coughing and seems to have a fever but is still at work. What should I do?
Answer: If you are worried, inform your manager.

Should I go to work if we have been on vacation and my partner/children are showing symptoms?
Answer: Make an agreement with your manager for when you can be present at Konstfack and when you can work from home.

Is there extra support and help available from Konstfack's health care center?
Answer: Konstfack's health care center, feelgood, does not provide tests or other medical advice in relation to COVID-19. However, if you are worried, you can contact them ( ).

Can Konstfack stop me from travelling for work? Private?
Answer: Konstfack has the right to stop work related travel. For private vacations, it is the citizen's responsibility to decide per advice under section two of the Swedish government's Diseases Act.

Do I still receive my salary if I have to work from home?
Answer: Yes, as long as you follow Konstfack's recommendations in relation to working from home and that your manager has approved that you can work from home.

When working or teaching from home: what digital tools should I use for contact with staff and students?
Answer: Use Zoom for teaching. Download Zoom here: .
Administative staff should use Skype. Instructions for Skype can be found here:

What will happen to 'karensdag' (first day of un-paid sick leave)?
Karensdag will be temporarily deactivated from now to the end of April.

New! Do I need to send in a doctor's confirmation?
Answer: Confirmation of illness from the 8th day of sick leave is temporarily abolished. From the 15th day of sick leave, Försäkringskassan's rules apply. Read more on their website .

Updated: 18 March 2020
Author: Helén Engman