Coronavirus: information for students and staff

30 June 2020

Students and staff are encouraged to stay updated via the Public Health Agency's and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' web pages about the general state of infection and the development of the corona virus.
Konstfack's crisis group is monitoring the situation together with other colleges and universities and following the information and recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Teaching at Konstfack autumn semester 2020

On 15 June 2020, the government repealed the recommendation on remote teaching. All higher education institutions and universities can thus return to more normal activities with effect from the autumn semester of 2020.
The Swedish Public Health Agency's general recommendations apply throughout 2020, which is why the autumn's activities remain adapted to avoid the spread of infection.

On 15 June, the Vice-Chancellor decided that Konstfack should conduct its operations as normally as possible, while retaining requirements for anti-infection measures such as a safe distance of two metres, maximum number of people in each room etc. This is to protect students, teachers and other staff.

Education is adapted to the premises
The departments have been given the task of planning education so that in total about half of the students will be in Konstfack's premises at the same time.

You should only be in Konstfack's premises when your physical presence is required for your education. Otherwise, you should stay at home/elsewhere and participate in the teaching via digital support.

For your studies, this means, among other things,
• division into smaller groups during certain courses/modules,
• teaching takes place at remotely whenever possible,
• independent work in workshops according to the booking schedule, and only in the workshops belonging to your department/programme (as well as in common workshops),
• access to computer rooms is scheduled (according to bookings),
• access to workplaces/studios is scheduled or restricted in some other way,
• no international student exchanges in autumn semester 2020 (with the exception of the Medes programme).

Common premises
• Konstfack's premises are only accessible to students and employees (via tag).
• The student kitchens are opened for a limited number of students at a time. Cooking plates and pans are removed. Glasses, plates and cutlery are replaced with disposables. The kitchens are equipped with surface alcohol so that you students can clean after you.
• No student parties, openings, pubs or similar may be arranged in Konstfack's premises.

Exhibition areas
• Priority is given to exhibitions that are essential for courses.
• Public exhibitions must use Tellusgången where there will be two gallery premises. There will be premises-specific guidelines on distance and number of people allowed in galleries.
• Internal exhibitions (i.e. without external audience) in Vita Havet, Biblioteksgången, Seminariegången and Trapphuset are conducted according to premises-specific guidelines on distance and number of people.

A prerequisite for this to work is that everyone takes responsibility for upholding decisions and recommendations on access to Konstfack's various premises. Konstfack will also be prepared to return to remote teaching if there is a new wave of Covid-19 infection.

Important as a student to read their e-mail before the semester start in order to receive accurate information from their program and grade.




Starting from Wednesday, 18th of March at 4 p.m., Konstfack's premises will be closed for teaching based on the recommendations by the government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden. During the next few days, we will investigate how to best implement teaching, mainly through digital solutions.

Teaching will, as far as possible, be conducted through distance education.

Entry admission off with some exceptions

Entry admission is off for all students. This means that it is not possible for students to enter through entrances or other parts of the house.

Some areas may be opened for graduating students to complete their degree work and build an exhibition. The ambition is that digital communication with photos, film and the web will replace the physical presence of the audience.

Employees retain their access even though many work from home. Priority is to keep important functions up and running.

Graduates have access mainly to studios and workshops necessary for independent / individual degree work; master 2, teacher education and bachelor 3.


Konstfack's recommendations to students and staff
Current information from government agencies
Do you have questions?

Questions and Answers
General questions
For students
For staff

Current statistics about the total number of infected can be found on the Public Health Agency’s website and they also provide FAQs in English.

Additional links and information are provided below.


Konstfack's recommendations to students and staff:

  • Stay home if you feel sick with symptoms such as runny nose, cough or fever. It is important to not risk infecting others.
  • For those of you who will be present at Konstfack:
    Stay home if you feel ill with symptoms such as sniffing, coughing or fever. It is important not to risk infecting others. Stay at home for two more days when you are free from symptom. You can return to work or school even if you have residual dry cough if it has been 7 days since you became ill and been symptom free for at least two days. Notify the course teacher / tutor (if you are a student) and your manager (if you are an employee) if you are ill.
  • Keep your distance from other people in public transport and in other public transport.
  • Avoid traveling during rush hour by adjusting your working hours.
  • Avoid crowds by keeping distance from other people, both indoors and outdoors. Respect the directions and markings for distances found in Konstfack's premises.
  • No international trips arranged by Konstfack may be booked or completed until further notice.
  • Konstfack is not permitting unnecessary work or study trips within Sweden until futher notice. The nearest manager decides which domestic journeys that are necessary. Already booked trips during the spring semester (until July 15) must be canceled or rebooked.
  • Unnecessary meetings / conferences / visits to and outside Konstfack with external participants (members of councils and committees, opponents, partners, etc.) must be canceled, postponed or carried out digitally. This applies until further notice.
  • No external visitors (for example family, friends, partners) can attend exhibitions or lectures. This applies until further notice.
    • All exhibition openings are set until further notice
    •  All parties / pubs are set until further notice.


Current information from government agencies:

Affected students and staff are encouraged to stay updated via the sources below.

  • National information contact number: 113 13 for answers about coronavirus illness, COVID-19 (In English unless noted otherwise)

Avoid spreading infection through coughing/sneezing and contaminating your hands. Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water before meals or food handling and after using the bathroom. Use hand sanitizer.

Do you have questions?

For general questions regarding your work or studies at Konstfack, you should first contact your nearest manager, respective course or programme responsible teacher.

For general questions about the outbreak, you should primarily seek information through the above sources.
For questions related to suspected illness, please contact the national health care center via telephone number 1177 or online
You can also contact the Student Health Services (through Stockholm University ) for support (anxiety e.g.).
As a manager and employer you can benefit from The Swedish Agency for Government Employers as well as information about staff health care on


Questions and Answers

General questions

What will happen when a first case is confirmed?
Answer: It is Stockholm Region's medical officer and disease control unit which has responsibility for a confirmed case. Konstfack will support and work with Stockholm Region in this effort, for example by providing information to the medical officer, to concerned staff/students, through practical interventions of various kinds, etc.

How do I do if I need IT support?
All questions and booking of IT support are referred to Protected address or telephone 08-450 43 99 (extension 4399).
As of Monday, March 15, no visiting times are offered (so-called Drop-In). All contact is by telephone or mail.
This is to reduce the risk of employees at IT becoming infected and thus ensuring that we have a working IT support at Konstfack.

For students

As a graduate student, I wonder how I get access to Konstfack's workshops and what rules now apply in them?
Read more on the intranet under "Coronavirus: workshops and premises". In addition to general rules, you will find specific rules for each workshop.

I am not a graduate student but need to use the library. How does it work remotely?
You can find information on the Konstfack Library's website:

How will I get access to the program licenses I need?
The IT unit investigates the possibilities and information will be updated on an ongoing basis.
Find out if what you need is available under the offers Konstfack's students have about reduced price or free software: Software for students (intranet)

 Where can I find information about my financial aid from CSN?
Answer: The government answered that previously granted financial aid will not be taken away even though courses are paused due to the coronavirus. CSN is going to continue to pay your financial aid. You do not need to contact CSN or do anything else. You can read more on CSN's website (in Swedish).

Can I get extra help or support from Student Health Services during this current situation?
Answer: If you are worried, you can contact Student Health Services through our partnership with Stockholm University.
However, they do not provide tests or other medical advice in connection to COVID-19/coronavirus.

For staff

Work at home or be physically at work - what about?
The Public Health Authority invites Stockholmers who can work from home to do so. At the same time, important functions must be ensured within the school. Agree with your closest manager about when to attend Konstfack and when you can work from home. Rotating schedules and other solutions may exist. All employees are encouraged to use digital meetings, for tools see below.

Do I still receive my salary if I have to work from home?
Answer: Yes, as long as you follow Konstfack's recommendations in relation to working from home and that your manager has approved that you can work from home.

A colleague is coughing and seems to have a fever but is still at work. What should I do?
Answer: If you are worried, inform your manager.

Should I go to work if  my partner/children are showing symptoms?
Answer: Make an agreement with your manager for when you can be present at Konstfack and when you can work from home.

I have got neck blockage, back pain, and mouse arm and feel alone!
Keep in mind that your work environment at home is not always the best. Prevent work injuries by:

  • Take micro-pauses!
  • Take the time to digital coffee with your colleagues, invite those you don't usually have coffee with!
  • If you feel it is extra difficult at home for some reason, feel free to contact our company health care Feelgood.

Is there extra support and help available from Konstfack's health care center?
Answer: Occupational Health Care Feelgood does not conduct any sampling or other medical measures in connection with covid19. In case of concern Feelgood can be contacted. Call support is provided via distance with a psychologist or behavioral scientist.

Feelgood contact information:
Marievik (Liljeholmen): 08-55630700
Stockholm City (Östermalm): 08-676 82 00

Do I have to report "vab", illness etc if I still work at home?
Yes, if you are sick and unable to work, you must report sick. This also applies if you are nursing a sick child and therefore cannot work.

Should I register illness in Primula?
Notify your manager that you are ill. The manager records this in Primula from day one.
When you are healthy and return to work, log into Primula and end your sick period. If your computer has VPN access, you can arrange it from home.

How can I access eg Primula from home, something I usually can only reach when I'm at Konstfack?
You are using VPN remote connection to Konstfack's network. VPN is now open to all PC users. Your computer must have been at Konstfack after the update was made on Friday, April 13th. If your computer is up to date, there is a "GlobalProtect" icon on the icon bar at the bottom of the computer screen, it looks like a white globe.
See user manual for vpn -ätverk.pdf (in Swedish).

If you have a Mac, you must submit it to your IT department. IT will remove your local admin privileges, check that you have antivirus and that your computer is connected to Konstfacks AD. Only then can we add on the VPN software. Contact IT at Protected address to agree when you can submit your computer.

What will happen to 'karensdag' (first day of un-paid sick leave)?
The "karensdag" temporarily abolished, but you as an individual must apply for reimbursement for the deduction day at the Social Insurance Agency. This means that you will receive salary deductions as usual from Konstfack, but will be reimbursed after a retroactive application to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. Read more at

Do I need to send in a doctor's confirmation?

Confirmation of illness from the 8th day of sick leave is temporarily abolished. From the 15th day of sick leave, Försäkringskassan's rules apply. Read more on their website .

What applies to "VAB"?
Inform the nearest manager that you are at home for the care of a sick child.
You register VAB in Primula as soon as possible - just as usual.
Sickness certificate for the care of children from VAB day 8 is temporarily abolished.

What applies when it comes to extra time and overtime compensation?

For additional / overtime work related to the corona situation, contact the nearest manager of special processing according to the agreed routine.

You may be asked to re-prioritize your work tasks, perhaps even asked to take on new work tasks within your regular working hours. Redistribution of tasks is not a basis for extra or overtime.

Read more about working hours, extra hours and overtime on the intranet: Arbetstid (in Swedish).

When working or teaching from home: what digital tools should I use for contact with staff and students?
Answer:  For distance education, Canvas is used for course assignments, teaching materials etc.
Zoom is used as a supplement instead of physical meetings, such as in studio talks, some supervision and seminars.

Download Zoom here: .

Administative staff should use Skype. Instructions for Skype can be found here:

On business trips - what applies?
The public health authority's restrictions on travel should be observed and if a business trip has to be carried out, it must be approved in advance by the nearest manager.

If you have questions about travel insurance / other insurance, please contact your nearest manager or HR unit.

What if I want to cancel my business trip - will Konstfack get the money back?
If you wish to cancel due to the corona virus then you cannot cancel without having to pay cancellation fees associated with the air ticket. However, if the airline cancels a flight due to the corona virus, you will receive a full refund.

Virus outbreaks abroad are not a valid reason for reimbursing a trip. This also applies if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a recommendation for travel to the country in question. Konstfack's insurance cover only applies if the traveler, or a relative of the traveler, falls ill, accidents, or an injury or break-in at home. Disease or virus outbreaks in the destination are not valid grounds.

Can Konstfack stop me from traveling in the service? What about private travel?
Konstfack can stop business trips.
In the case of private journeys, the civic responsibility stated in Chapter 2 applies. Section 2 of the Infection Protection Act: forfortsssamling / infection protection act-2004168_sfs-2004-16

Updated: 30 June 2020
Author: Helén Engman