Katji Lindberg

”Only as creators!”- on meaning-making and reflexivity in artistic practice, through the lens of the fine art teacher´s professional knowledge.

In my research I wanted to approach the art teacher's professional skills in order to better understand this resource. A contributing reason for this interest is that only a very few studies on the subject have been made. The questions I ask are: What does the teacher's professional skills consist of? How can we understand the dimensions of meaning and reflection within the practice?

My theoretical understanding focuses on meaningful phenomena and connects to the field of practical knowledge (or professional studies). How the body, the mind and the contact with the world are co-creating our experiences is an important starting point. Using this hermeneutic frame work, the agent´s experiences are analyzed. The researcher also searches for patterns, in this case in the teaching context, where teachers and students meet.

My observations and interviews from the higher education in fine art, have shown that – despite the fact that techniques and expressions in art practice show a great variety – interpretability appears to be an attractive characteristic. In the joint conversations, the dialogue not seldom concerns how ambiguities can be established and handled. This can be understood as a fine balance between intentional strive towards the polysemic, and an effort to reach clarity. Like a rebus construction - which uses both a visual logic and verbal elements - the artwork is melted together.

Other aspects that I want to highlight, as professional skills, are the familiarity with figurative dimensions. This means an experienced sensitivity to what role synesthetic phenomena plays for the spectator's experience. Another point of view is how the technique used, helps to mediate form and meaning content.

Katji Lindberg has a background stretching from artistic practice towards philosophy. She is based in Stockholm where she has been working as an art critic, teacher in reflexive writing and as a freelance writer. She has an exam from Konstfack, a Master´s Degree in Practical Knowledge from Södertörn´s University and she has also studied in France and Norway. She specializes in epistemology, feminist philosophy, theories of affect and embodiment studies.

Principal supervisor: Ingela Josefson, Johan Arnt Myrstad (nuvarande)
Admitted to: Nord Universitet i Bodø
Project period: 2011-

Katji Lindberg is a PhD student at Konstfack and at Nord University in Bodø, Norway.

Updated: 30 May 2017
Author: Olga Karlsson