Petra Lilja

The paradigm of human exceptionality has set in motion a machinery of global effects of which design, by adding to mass-production and consumption, can be argued to be one principal cog. In my work I explore ways to critically examine the role of the designer. One aim is to disrupt human-centeredness and open up for reconfigurations of design practices to better engage with troubled presents where a myriad of other species is overlooked and becoming extinct. I'm interested in unpacking these unequal power hierarchies created by human activity, and my research project will explore multispecies-inclusive narratives and strategies for engaging and empowering scales of actors and knowledges otherwise unaddressed.

In the initial part of my PhD I will work from a curatorial perspective with the project The Age of Species, using speculative design as an approach to create multi-planetary future scenarios, as a tool to reflect on current earthly situations.

Petra Lilja is an industrial designer and curator. Since graduating from Pratt Institute, New York, she has explored different ways to combine her creative driving force with her deep concern about designs negative impact on the planet. She worked as design lecturer and program director of the Design + Change Programs at Linnaeus University. For four years she ran an eponymous galley in Malmö displaying art, design and research. She is a member of the jury of the annual Swedish Design award UNG and its equivalent in South Korea.

Principal supervisor: Martín Ávila
Assistant supervisor: Meike Schalk
Admitted to Kungliga tekniska högskolan, KTH
Project period: 2019-2022

Petra Lilja

Updated: 11 April 2019

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