Elisabet Jagell

How aesthetic dimensions are described and communicated

My research interests center on how aesthetic dimensions are described and communicated in sloyd teaching. Previous research shows that both sloyd students and sloyd teachers express that they find it difficult to communicate about aesthetic dimensions in sloyd. This can have consequences in teaching, for example students risk losing motivation when their ideas are not supported to develop.

In the first part of the study, I analyze how professionals who work with three-dimensionality describe aesthetic dimensions. This is done by analyzing a selection of digital displays of exhibitions with three-dimensional objects that can be related to the sloyd area. In the second part of the study, the plan is for teachers and / or students to be involved in describing and "reading" sloyd objects.

Elisabet Jagell is part of the National Research school in art and craft pedagogy (FoBoS). She has a background as a teacher in primary school and works as an art teacher in teacher education at Uppsala University.

Principal supervisor: Siri Homlong
Assistant supervisor: Viveca Lindberg
Admitted to University of Gothenburg
Project period: 2020-2024