Anna Holmquist

Production Novellas on Masonite and Other materials


This research project investigates the complex transformation of manufacturing cultures and materials in changing contexts and sites of production. The methodology is inspired by research into design and short stories contained in "Production Novellas", a textual and visual narrative framework based on the writing of memoirs, letter correspondence and photography. Design case research builds on design work carried out at Studio Folkform during the relocation of a Masonite hardboard factory in Sweden to Thailand.

Anna Holmquist, artist and designer, is one of the founders of  Folkform. Folkform first entered the public spotlight with their experimental work with materials, especially Masonite where flowers and plants are pressed into the boards – giving them a brand new expression.  Among other locations, their work can be found in the permanent design exhibition at the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and in The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo.

Anna Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden where she operates Folkform design studio.

Supervisors: Sara Ilstedt och Mona Livholts
Admitted to Kungliga tekniska högskolan
Project period: 2015-

Anna Holmquist lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden where she operates Folkform design studio.

Updated: 3 October 2018
Author: Olga Karlsson

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