Sophia Desport

Sustainable practices in the artistic process 

Image: Sofia Moberg, first grade of upper secondary scool

The PhD project studies the artistic processes of art students in the upper secondary school. I want to make visible and define the signs of meaning making in their work. By also exploring components in the artistic process, such as uncertainty, resistance, dialogue and risktaking, my intention is to concretize the core components in the artistic process and to develop sustainable conditions as support for the students.

What are the didactic strategies that can support students in their artistic processes?

My research aim is to create a safe arena for risk taking in the classroom where students can experiment with both ideas, methods and materials. This room of potential offers a sanctuary where students have the courage to process and explore experiences in symbolic form.

Sophia Desport is part of the The National Graduate School for Visual Arts and Sloyd, FoBoS. She works as an art teacher in the upper secondary school where she is also head of the art programme. Sophia Desport is also an artist and a yogainstructor.

Principal supervisor: Fredrik Lindstrand
Assistant supervisor: Catrin Björck
Admitted to University of Gothenburg, HDK-Valand
Project period: 2020-2024