Luis Rafael Berríos-Negrón

Breathtaking - an index about the landscapes and atmospheres of Site-Specific Greenhouse Superstructures

Through this doctoral dissertation I would like to augment the definition of "greenhouse superstructures" (Max, Schurr, et al 2012). Rooted in several previous artworks and teaching projects, I do this by treating the greenhouse as concept, gas, and spatial archetype, as problem and solution, as "social pedestal" (Berríos-Negrón 2013). The total idea of greenhouse has become a historiographic "boundary object" (Star, Griesemer 1989) that unwittingly models and displays colonial and environmental inadequacies of recent ideologies such as of anthropological modes like cybernetics, and servo-mechanical modes like parametricism. Therefore, the dissertation takes the form of an "index" largely enacted through, not only the analysis of related agricultural history and technology, but more so through the review of positions in orientalist and expressionist art from the late 19th century, land and conceptual art from 20th century, and through philosophical and historiographic positions made by Kircher, Peirce, Wittgenstein, Rheinberger, Law, Smith, and Raunig, among others. This composition is intended to yield a broader elucidation of the values that paradoxically manufacture vast, slow-witted landscapes and atmospheres as a "crisis of scale" (Kepes 1962) in the fabric of time and of environmental form, aiming to test notions of radical ecology such as the "hyperobject" (Morton 2013) as human-induced climate change.

Luis Berríos-Negrón (San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1971) has a bachelor of fine arts from Parsons New School, a master of architecture from M.I.T., and is doctoral candidate at Konstfack/KTH. In 2012 he exhibited in Paul Ryan's "Threeing" project at Documenta, and in Ute Meta Bauer's "Future Archive" at the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein. He was Danish International Visiting Artist, and represented Germany in the 10th Biennial of Architecture of São Paulo in 2013, and was commissioned artist at the 3rd Biennial of Art of Bahia in Brazil in 2014. From 2011-14, Luis was assistant professor and visiting lecturer in the universities of TU-Braunschweig and MSA-Münster in Germany, respectively. Berríos-Negrón lives in Berlin.

Luis Berrìos-Negròn

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