Adam Bergholm successfully defended his doctoral thesis, congratulations!
Thursday 14 September 2023

Adam Bergholm defended on 13 September 2023 his thesis, "Key Notes on the Unruly City - Social, Material, and Spatial Transgressions", carried out...

Vice-Chancellor Anna Valtonen on design trends connected to technology
Thursday 7 September 2023

In an interview with Techarenen, who together with tech businesses, revive and present the Grand Award of Design.

Welcome to World in My Eyes
Monday 21 August 2023

World in My Eyes is a series of artist talks presenting pioneering practices in sound, performance, sculpture, and painting that transforms the fie...

Konstfack announces its first doctoral positions in mid-August
Wednesday 14 June 2023

Konstfack has since 2022 been granted the right to award an artistic doctoral degree. In mid-August 2023 the first four doctoral positions within o...

matt lambert interviewed by Memphis Magazine for co-jurying the "We Are Here" exhibition
Wednesday 14 June 2023

The exhibition elevates and celebrates contemporary LGBTQIA+ voices working in the metal arts community today, and is on view 4 June - 10 September...

Anna Mlasowsky, new professor in craft, on creating an environment in which diversity and equality can thrive
Wednesday 17 May 2023

On 1 June, German/American artist, educator and curator Anna Mlasowsky will take over as a new professor of crafts with a focus on ceramics and...

Konstfack CRAFT Social Club in Current Obsession magazine
Monday 8 May 2023

An article (from 14 April) about The Social Club event in October 2022 that brought together former students and recent graduates of the CRAFT!...

Deepened Empathy through artistic expression
Thursday 4 May 2023

Welcome to 199 different voices at Konstfack Degree Exhibition(s): Bachelor's students 6–12 May, Master's and teacher education students 20–26 May.

Anna Valtonen appointed Vice-Chancellor of Konstfack
Thursday 27 April 2023

On 1 August, Anna Valtonen takes office as the new Vice-Chancellor of Konstfack, Sweden's largest artistic university in art, design and crafts.

Apply for SSES Biomimicry Bootcamp
Tuesday 14 March 2023

In this international bootcamp, participants will learn about innovation and sustainability in Tuscany, Italy through the medium of food. Applicati...

Martin Avila manages new research project
Wednesday 8 March 2023

The project "Material cultures for interspecies cohabitation" will through design proposals explore how humans can interact with other species....

Prestigious TDC elects Parasto Backman
Thursday 23 February 2023

Senior lecturer at Konstfack and graphic designer Parasto Backman is one of Type Directors Clubs 15 new advisory board members from 10 countries.

Curators and graphic designer chosen for Konstfack’s Degree Exhibition 2023
Wednesday 1 February 2023

Dotdotdot curates and Laslo Strong designs this year's edition of the Degree Exhibition.

Clay-based Experience and Languageness
Monday 23 January 2023

Ceramist and Senior Lecturer at Konstfack Mårten Medbo's thesis "Lerbaserad erfarenhet och språklighet" from 2016 was the first in Sweden on the...

Expand your horizons – join Konstfack Research Week 23–27 January
Friday 20 January 2023

During Refractions*, Konstfack Research Week 2023, we explore interdisciplinary practices, discourses and perspectives on artistic research from...