Master's student Gabriel Gabriel Garble's film selected for the Sundance Film Festival

14 December 2022

Today the Sundance Film Festival officially announced Gabriel Gabriel Garble's participation with his film "Well Wishes My Love, Your Love" in the 2023 programme.

Animator and filmmaker Gabriel Gabriel Garble, who is in the second year of the Visual Communication master's programme at Konstfack, has been selected to show his animated short film, Well Wishes My Love, Your Love at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival, showing independent film since 1978. Garble’s film is one of 70 selected from around the world.

Well Wishes My Love, Your Love has been participating at other festivals, as the 69th Sydney Film Festival and the 75th Edinburgh Int'l Film Festival and this is one of many reviews:

"Opening with a psychedelic yellow background, Well Wishes My Love, Your Love immediately takes us down the path of the experimental. Spiced with high-pitched atmospheric music, giving pride of place to the synths, the film offers beautiful variations on the landscape it builds. It transports us into a dreamlike universe close to a video game, inviting us into an active meditation. Although the animation plays with virtuality, the overall universe is firmly rooted in a lived reality. Each landscape is offered to our eyes as a reproduction of the world, as a naturalistic painting saturated in colors and distorted by the ripples moving around the main character that we follow in his enigmatic quest." – Florian Fernandez, Cannes Film Festival

With the film in question, Garble was also one of this year's winners in The Thinking Hand, an annual competition and exhibition for young draftsmen and a collaboration between the Swedish Academy of Fine Arts and the Royal Court with the aim of showing how participants apply drawing both as a technique and genre, what free creation within the art form can mean and not least, to highlight exemplary artistic talent. The jury, including HRH the Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, stated:

“Gabriel Gabriel Garble invites us, with colour, light, sound and words, into a being – an existence that is his very own. His drawings come to life, and are populated by observers who become involved as they move around a world, a universe of lines, without the need for visas or passports. We search and select our way to our own narrative, one that is generated by the artist’s drawings, sound and films.”

Well Wishes My Love, Your Love will be screened at Bio Aspen in Aspudden on 18 December and here some info from Sundance to read.

Read more about Gabriel Gabriel Garble and watch clips of the film.