Konstfack, as Sweden, strongly condemn Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine

25 February 2022

Considering the current war on Ukraine, Konstfack wants to express our support and concern for all Ukrainian artists and cultural workers, as well as for the people of Ukraine.

At this moment, Konstfack has no students or staff from, or in, Ukraine. We are, however, following the situation very closely and we are looking into the possibility of a gathered academic protest. Those who wish to demonstrate for peace and against war are welcome to do so on their work hours - if scheduled activities at the school can continue.

The number of cyber-attacks may increase. The IT-department urges everyone to pay attention. It is also important to keep calm and think critical on what kind of news one hears and what sort of information one shares. Please think about this especially when around children and young people.

We will continuously update this information.

Maria Lantz, Vice-Chacellor

The picture: Blm EJ 1450 – Spannmålsodling, Blekinge museums samlingsdatabas (CC BY-NC)