Degree Exhibition 2022 – Nourishment for Peace and Freedom

2 May 2022

When conflict and violence cast their shadow over the world, every artistic expression is inherently an element of resistance to authoritarian rule, war and oppression.

Visual identity: Studio Benedetta Crippa

Arts, crafts, design, visual arts and sloyd education manifest freedom of expression by permitting fantasy, expressing emotions and ideas and creating dialogue. This is fundamental in a world in which the number of democratic nations is decreasing. It is with pride and respect for artistic freedom that Konstfack throws its doors open and exhibits the works of 188 degree students – our contribution to the open society of which we are a part. Here, the separate parts come together to create a whole; a rainbow that spans issues and subjects at all stages of life. Invention, beauty, criticism, dystopias, consolation, contemplation, deep insights and exuberant humour nourish our lives and the peace and freedom we so eagerly cherish.

/ Maria Lantz, Konstfack’s Vice Chancellor

This year's Degree Exhibition is divided into two: Bachelor's students, 7–13 May
curated by Anne Klontz and Master's and Teacher Education students, 21–27 May, curated by CuratorLab. 188 students from 13 different programmes participate and the exhibition's visual identity is created by Studio Benedetta Crippa.

Anne Klontz is a freelance curator and Head of Exhibitions at Konstfack and her work with the Degree Exhibition started from the concept of "composition", what it means and how it is used. During the students' time at school, their constant work with different types of compositions takes place and now they themselves constitute the final composition in the education; the Degree Exhibition.

CuratorLab is Konstfack's curator course for professionals and the participants, inspired by feminist writer Sara Ahmed’s Queer Phenomenology, invite the audience to a reorientation of the school's architectural, institutional and social premises. The entrance to the school is changed for a week and a "Dialogical Space" is created for conversation, performativity and exchange in its center. The exhibition as a whole manifests a continuous negotiation between the individual, the collective and the institution.

The CuratorLab 2021/22 participants are: Chen Shuyu, Una Mathiesen Gjerde, Lovro Japundžić, Lauren Johnson, Matilda Kästel, Lina Louisa Krämer, Martin Ku, Reyhaneh Mirjahani, Res, Eleni Riga, Marta Świetlik and Krisztián Gábor Török, under the guidance of Programme Director Joanna Warsza and Head of Exhibitions Anne Klontz with the support of Curatorial Assistant Vasco Forconi.

Studio Benedetta Crippa's visual identity revolves around a ray of light that forms a landscape where we can celebrate and re-orient together. It's also a celebration of the ability of the human mind to stay fertile and resilient in spite of the unexpected in life. 

Journalists and other reporters are welcome to previews on Friday 6 May and Friday 20 May at 10–12. The exhibitions are shown by the respective curators at 11. Register participation no later than the day before to:

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