A Celebration of Creative Energy

31 January 2022

Benedetta Crippa, who earned a master’s degree in Visual Communication from Konstfack in 2017, won the traditional competition for the graphic identity for this year’s Degree Exhibition.

With a ray of light that pays tribute to creative energy, breaks through the disruption and forms an attractive visual landscape, Benedetta won this year’s design competition for Konstfack’s Degree Exhibition.



- The visual concept is a tribute to creative energy, celebrating the ability of the human mind to stay fertile and resilient despite the unexpected in life. Through bold colors and a strong visual expression, the identity radiates through the public space, and invites to experience the celebration – an invitation to life, says a happy Benedetta Crippa, design director at Studio Benedetta Crippa where new horizons for aesthetic production are identified and established.
The studio has assignments in the borderland between social justice and art with a special focus on sustainability and visual communication as an engine for equality.

Konstfack’s Degree Exhibition 2022 is divided in two. The bachelor’s students’ exhibition is 7—13 May, and curated by Anne Klontz, Head of Exhibitions at Konstfack. Currently she divides this position with the role of Program Manager at Index The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation. She is also curating a group exhibition in Lofoten for the Norwegian Association of Arts and Crafts and the North Norwegian Arts Centre. For the bachelor’s Degree Exhibition, Anne Klontz will create a moment within the exhibition space that reflects on bringing students together and continues her exploration of the history of the Degree Exhibition.

The other Degree Exhibition with master’s and teacher education students will take place from 21—27 May and is curated by participants of the CuratorLab 21/22 course. They have been inspired by culture and social theorist Sara Ahmed’s Queer Phenomenology and invite the public to take part in a “symbolic, emotional and physical re-orientation” of the master’s and teacher education exhibition where new possibilities will be created for conversation, exhibition and dialogue.

The CuratorLab course participants are Chen Shuyu (Malmö), Una Mathiesen Gjerde (Oslo), Lovro Japundžić (Zagreb), Lauren Johnson (Stockholm/Elk Glade, Colorado), Matilda Kästel (Stockholm), Lina Louisa Krämer (Mainz/Berlin), Martin Ku (Berlin), Reyhaneh Mirjahani (Gothenburg/Tehran), Res (Stockholm/Brooklyn), Eleni Riga (Athens), Marta Świetlik (Warsaw) and Krisztián Gábor Török (Budapest) under the guidance of Course Director Joanna Warsza (Berlin) and Head of Exhibitions Anne Klontz (Stockholm) and with the help of the Curatorial Assistant Vasco Forconi (Rome/Stockholm).

Read more about Konstfack’s Degree Exhibition 2022 here.