Runner-up award to Palle Torsson

30 April 2021

Palle Torsson, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Fine Art, has been given a runner-up award in the 2020 SAR RC Prize for Best Exposition for "Radical Inside". The project uses the possibility of exploratory recontextualization of commercial 3D models to find queer readings of seemingly heteronormative technological applications.

In the fourth issue of VIS – Nordic Journal of Artistic Research (October 2020) an article was published about the project.

SAR (Society of Artistic Research) is every year awarding the best so called exposition – a publishing form at the Research Catalogue, which is a searchable, documentary database of artistic research work.

Radical Inside - Palle Torsson

VIS – Nordic Journal of Artistic Research about Palle Torsson's "Radical Inside"

SAR - Society for Artistic Research