Konstfack students design The Future Watch Issue, C-print's first printed issue, "a travelling art gallery"

24 May 2021

C-print is an online art journal and a curatorial platform for contemporary art. Students from the Bachelor's programme in Graphic Design and Illustration at Konstfack have designed and illustrated C-print’s first issue in print – The Future Watch Issue.

The magazine is printed in a limited edition of 350 copies, and will function as a "travelling art gallery" in Sweden and internationally. Welcome to the release on 26 May at Index Foundation in Stockholm.



The participating students describe the project as "an important reminder that there are alternative approaches to the often individualistic art and design industry, and that working collectively can be a source of strength and endless inspiration". They add that "in a time of isolation, it has been rewarding to work together and design a magazine focusing on the future" and that "this project is a vision of the future, a collaboration that merges different fields within the arts and opens new doors".

The students who participated in the project from the BA Graphic Design and Illustration second year are: Ebba Alling, Linn Bredberg, Mikaela Cederholm, Edith Ekström, Olivia Ekelund, My Hasselgren, Iris Hautaniemi, Wilma Harju, Amanda Islam Gustafsson, Vanja Ivarsson, Joel Järvi, Julia Lundgren, Klara Nordin Stensö, Ella Walfridsson, Filip Winkler and Henry Åström

The founders of C-print, Ashik Zaman and Koshik Zaman, believe that "through this collaboration the students help us visualize what C-print could become in the future. In terms of design, it is about taking the step forward. C-print's motto has always been content before form, so it has been great to explore how the two can be united through this collaboration".

Sara Kaaman, senior lecturer in graphic design at Konstfack, initiated the collaboration with the intention to give students practical and professional experience of magazine production, while working in an important and visible context. She believes that the outcome proves how important visual communication is when it comes to promoting contemporary and future art scenes, and hope this project will encourage contemporary art institutions and platforms to commission equally progressive graphic design and illustration.

Emma Löfström, artist, illustrator and guest teacher in editorial illustration, explains that "C-Print The Future Watch Issue is a colourful art magazine richly illustrated by the fantastic illustrators and designed to perfection by the class' designers. The magazine allows image and form to be bold and the students have found a perfect balance between stylish and surprising. We ran a workshop in the beginning of the course during which the class wrote a joint manifesto on how to work together, this manifesto has functioned as a guideline for how we as teachers have structured the course. The project is an exploration of working collectively, where both graphic design and illustration are the results of different collaborative processes".