"An extraordinarily friendly solution for the bollards"

17 December 2021

Alicia Knight, student at the master's programme Individual Study Plan in Design, year 1, is the winner of Perimeter Protection's design competition "Friendly Barrier". The prize is SEK 30,000 with a possibility of compensation if the competition entry goes into production.

The jury's motivation:
"With these objects, the designer has created an extraordinarily friendly solution for the bollards. The bollards are completely hidden, and transformed into uniquely appealing shapes. These beautifully designed and sustainable flower pots will help creating a more vibrant urban environment that appeals not only to the people living in the city, but also other living creatures."

The competition aimed at developing design proposals for bollards with a new one and friendlier expression that fit the urban environment, for exemple city centers, culturally important buildings and similar. The bollards are used to prevent traffic from entering places, such as squares, embassies and shopping centers.

The jury was Jonas Pettersson (Form Us With Love), Anna-Karin Pusic (CFHILL), Marcela Dimander (Trafikkontoret Stockholms stad) and Mikael Ahlström (Perimeter Protection).