Textiles Bachelors analyze the present with the concept of craft as a filter

8 May 2020

The education offers everything from professional methods and equipment to lively experimentation. In well-equipped workshops for weaving, knitting, dying, tufting, textile printing and digital techniques, cross-border meetings with materials also takes place. Often with concepts of craft as a filter to analyze the present through textile techniques and materials.

Among the works of this year's graduating students are memories of melting glaciers, an announcement for a vegan future, a study about family dynamics and the call to have fun.


Agnes Eriksson

Landscape Portrait. Weaves of the Vartag Glacier 1979-2014, the Påssusjokka Glacier 1886-2009, the Sulitema Glacier1897-2008, the Mikka Glacier 1907-2012.



Alexander Jakobsson

A Refined Family is an exhibition that studies family dynamics and the transferring of trauma through generations with the help of different materials and family albums.



Emmi Avergren

The Future is Vegan. A colourful fashion collection and film about activism. A manifesto for veganism.



Gurli Kruber

Det byggda på jorden, platser på hög.



John Claesson

Jacket – June 2020. Follow the story about a garment designed on the basis of the ell unit.



Lena Royalz Otterheim

The Trojan Horse is more than just a horse. It is about textile and form, about Minecraft and the importance to have fun.



Linn Karlsson

A five-meter weave about weaving form and trying to streamline the craft of textile production without sacrificing quality.



Philippa Clarén

Welcome to My Crafty Crib!
By the way, rent it for a bargain price.

Stiggy Buns



Stiggy Buns likes to do things: craft, play and dress up...come hang out!



Timmy Sjöblom

It Never Stops Growing. Screen-printed piece-goods in endless patterns and own colour scale.



Ylva Vamborg

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Two palls that bring awareness to our place in nature's own cycle.