Pushing the limits and norms of what is expected from craft-based processes

20 April 2020

When the distinctions between the origin of the material, the practice of making and a completed materialization become blurred, the place, material, body and action come together.

Konstfack Craft! cordially invites you to a unique opportunity to experience the exam works of our MA2 students. Traditionally our materials would have been glass, ceramics, textiles or metal, but in this exhibition the Craft! programme students keep pushing the limits and norms of what is expected of a craft-based work process.


Master's of CRAFT! exhibition 2020

Three of the program's professors, Anders Ljungberg, Andrea Peach and Bella Rune talk about, among other things, the importance of materiality in a digital world.



In the films you get to meet the students and their thoughts behind their individual practices.


Amanda Varhaugvik

A Merging of Costumes, Voice and Transcendence combines music, double bass and performers and puts textile at the centre.




Beata Grahn & Klara Sandqvist

 Working together under the name Poetic Justice, reshaping or “sacrificing” work to a common process. Some of their results are shown in a church-like setting with a decorated twin jeweller’s bench.



Caroline Harrius

The Repulsive Flower is a project that departs from gender differences in ceramics history. The works are presented packed tightly together in an old wooden factory storage shelf.



Emelie Liljebäck

Finding Presence of the Absent shows different layers of history and structures invisible yet present in everyday life.



Emilia Sundqvist

Come into my world with a soft marble bust, Botox-lipped bunnies, poodles and a cake as self-portrait that skew the cuteness.



Emma Hansen

In need of Others is a floor-to-ceiling steel installation housing gilded broaches in plexiglas boxes.



Jo Andersson

Being is an interactive light, water and glass installation with music composed by Jesper Målsten.



Johan Schalin

Welcome to my world – a place for hoarders, for gargoyles, totems and conversation.



Lisa Juntunen Roos

(kahvi) Break With Tradition
This is a story about hidden knowledge and female making, about tradition and empowerment and it begins in Finland 1946.



Maja Bäckström

Flower heart consists of five portrait photographs printed on textile with embroided floral motifs and hand made books.



Malin Ida Eriksson

When time becomes form – The monuments is an installation where shadows are created by sculptures made from paintings created through a performance.



Maria Johansson

Dressing a space:
Textile installations of a cushion, fabric by metre, and screenprint paintings.



Sebastian Hägelstam

Civilization Bar is an attempt to create a bar and a pop culture alluding to the West seen through its own colonial gaze.



Sijia Li

The perfect image, absolute beauty standards are restrictions in our lives. Can we let the perfect image go? Can we accept the failures of perfection?



Simone Kuhs

It must be a bad child is a girl’s room that combines several objects into a scene that portrays feelings and mental states about sexual abuse.



Tina Domeij

Fusion is an exploration of cultural identity through creative practice.



Tongxin Gao

Still life Portrait is a delicate silver celebration of the fragility of existence.



Tuva Widén

All is Full of Life. Our relationship with our surroundings should be always a relationship between living, sentient subjects. Yet, we often treat the living planet as instruments for external ends. The items you see investigate an underlying illusion of control and the conditions of subjectivity.



Åsa Sjödin

The whole is “other” than the sum of its parts: A textile patchwork joining many small pieces of fabric into a larger whole evokes many questions about how the completed entity is perceived.