Konstfack's and KTH's doctoral programme assessed by UKÄ

26 June 2020

On 2 June 2020, KTH and Konstfack received confirmation of UKÄ’s assessment of their collaborative, Art, Design, Technology (KTD) doctoral programme.

The assessment was of "ifrågasatt kvalité" (quality questioned), in which issues relating to the strategy for developing a common research environment, gender equality and sustainable development were amongst those raised as areas for concern.

In light of this, the KTD Programme now has one year to respond to this assessment, and take appropriate measures to address all of the questions outlined in UKÄ’s report: www.uka.se/om-oss/aktuellt/nyheter/2020-06-16-uka-har-tagit-beslut-i-sin-forsta-omprovning.html

The evaluation is based on material from spring 2018. KTD adopted its first doctoral students in 2015, and during the evaluation period there were 7 doctoral students enrolled on the programme. Since then, the programme has grown to 12 doctoral students and is continuously evolving, with the first doctoral student scheduled to defend his thesis in September 2020.

Both KTH and Konstfack value the KTD Programme highly, and its capacity to contribute to the production and dissemination of new knowledge within the burgeoning field of art, technology and design. During the period to come, both institutions will work together in taking the necessary action to rigorously and purposefully address all areas of concern identified by UKÄ.