Craftsight – podcast about craft

28 August 2020

Hannah-Molly Brown and Veronika Murarikova, students at the master's programme Craft!, are running a podcast where they share ideas from the position of makers with other artists, writers, devotees, or educators from the field.

The last year has been spent working on the podcast discussing the craft/art scene. Episodes are being released twice a month on Spotify.

About the Craftsight podcast:

Craft is taking an exciting direction as makers and thinkers grab the autonomy of making. Items become abstract, and yet still linger in the utilitarian and blur or confuse the expectations of commodities. We aim to discover the becoming of 'Meta-craft'. Through people, we can see how craft takes many forms. It is evolving and being pushed towards a dynamic definition, where it lies on the borders between aesthetic and utilitarian and bring our awareness to what surrounds us. It tells us much of our own history and human connection.

Particularly in these uncertain times, the strength and sense of community surrounding the topic make it an imperative point of discussion both for research and the future development in the utilization of craft.

The podcast has enabled us to start this discussion by meeting with people from different fields and hearing their views on craft. We aim to open up more lines of communication with workshops, seminars, and panel talks. The idea is to build a community space that will grow.

(Here we share extra content like excerpts of transcripts and images related to each episode)