Ceramics & Glass – cross-border work in a broad cultural field

8 May 2020

With a foundation in craft production, the students at Ceramics & Glass base their cross-border work on different material traditions. The focus of the education lies in developing and making visible the knowledge connected to both the material and the broader cultural field.

The role of craft is also examined in society through both design and intangible functions. Examples of this are revealed in the students' works, which this year are about visualized processes, the meaning of places, post-apocalyptic scenes and much, much more.


Agnes Gindemo

A still life of a working process in porcelain and plaster, where ceramics are formed by corrugated carboard and the materials overlap each other.



Alexandra Johansson

A utility tableware which tells about Bällsta and how a tower of cement can be a safe place.



Elsa Binder Ekedahl

In Praise of Subtleties – is a result of an ongoing dialogue between ambition and material. Fragmented thoughts and vague feelings are collected in a common form.



Fritz Estebe

The End is Near. A series of sculptures that depict a post-apocalyptic scene, a glimpse into a future after humankind.



Joakim Tano

Am I an Adult Now? (Part 3) blends oil painting with ceramics in a creative flow.



Linnea Diedrich Sjödin

Pain Lust Transformation. The work is based on my own memories, feelings and experiences which are transformed into materials, objects and texts.



Mimmi Blomqvist

Fungo: A series of functional sculptures in glass, porcelain and wood which have taken their form from glassblowing remains and its name from a mushroom.



Wictor Öberg

"STACKS" is make-believe. An illusion of value and a metaphor for the craving affecting our time. Tarpaulins, acrylic plastic, flat and bullseye glasses, beer bottles, veneers, MDF, plywood, plaster, carpet samples, plastic pockets, paper, fabrics, cable ties, fake grass and ceramics on a pallet of plaster. The moment when the existing and the non-existing are mixed together.