Ädellab's Bachelors – potential, context, materiality

5 May 2020

Konstfack's programme within jewellery and corpus is called Ädellab and offers interpretation, understanding and shaping of objects and jewellery. Past, present and future meet in a critical and creative exploration where context, technology and materials form the basis for both innovation and new interpretations.

In their degree projects, the students below explore complex, interconnected actions and human behaviour, the experience of a changing world in the midst of the climate crisis and social turmoil, the perishability of places, materials and natural resources. Their artistic positions remind us of the need to understand and embrace our responsibility as people who invest in our communities and surroundings, and especially as artists who want to get involved in the present and the opportunities that exist in our subjects, jewellery and corpus.

See and hear Ädellab's graduate students explain the thoughts behind their work and practice.


Inga Tsernova

I Try to Avoid is a video and audio installation about bodies – both human and not – and how they are linked and how boundaries can be erased.



Kajsa Wikström

Spring Water. In the future, pure water will become increasingly uncommon, while many people today find life increasingly meaningless; these two things seem interconnected.



Magnus Ekström

Breakpoint. The objects serve as tools for conversation about the dysfunctional and disintegration, both physically and emotionally. The objects resist function and the contents leak and poison the user with lead.



Maja Bakken

A work that consists of a mirror installation, a performance and a vault where the viewer becomes part of the work. An examination of the public space using one's own body.



Sandra Hiredal

Tracks is about traces made by people who have been to a place, a desire to pass on the anecdotal, and things that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.