Degree exhibition 2019: Curators and designers

1 February 2019

This year's degree exhibition is curated by Emily Fahlén och Asrin Haidari, and the visual concept is created by Jennifer Bergkvist and Moa Sundkvist.

Photo: Märta Thisner

Emily Fahlén and Asrin Haidari work together under the name MinT. In collaboration with artists, organizations and specific localities, their curatorial practice resides within movements in time: the political, the geographic and the artistic. Fahlén and Haidari worked recently as artistic leaders for the 2018 Luleå Biennial Tidal Ground, an exhibition with a diverse program which uses the Norrbotten landscape and the encircling darkness as a premise to think from and work with. Prior to this, they both worked for several years at Tensta Konsthall in north-western Stockholm with local and international art projects.

2018 Luleå Biennial:


The visual concept of the 2019 Degree Exhibition, created by Jennifer Bergkvist and Moa Sundkvist, encourages visitors to problematize economism in society which not only converts relations to a game of money, but which also permeates language: we pay attention, vi spenderar tid.

With this concept, they want to highlight the position of the artistic profession in society, break with social and language structures, as well as evoke thoughts about a society which rather values attention, time and thought.

Sharing an office in Stockholm, Jennifer Bergkvist and Moa Sundkvist work and collaborate with books, magazines, illustration and printmaking. They also teach and lecture in the field of design.

Both have a degree in visual communication from Konstfack. Jennifer's degree project "Form & Formalia" was awarded the prize "Young Swedish Design" in 2018. Moa published the essay "Nation as Decoration" in the magazine Tecknaren in 2017, based on research from her degree project.

Jennifer Bergkvist:
Moa Sundkvist:

Updated: 1 February 2019