Andrea Peach curates an Being Human Festival exhibition

23 September 2019

As part of the Being Human Festival Professor Andrea Peach (Konstfack, Stockholm) and Professor Sarah Pedersen (Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen) will curate an exhibition hosted by the Orkney Library and Archive in November 2019.

The exhibition will focus on the production and marketing of Orkney tweed in the 20th century, using a combination of archival and ethnographic research.

An illustrated talk will be given on 16 November, allowing people to learn about their research into the history of Orkney tweed. Locals will be invited to share their stories and examples of Orkney tweed and an oral and material culture record of the event will be compiled.

It is argued that one of the reasons for the decline of the tweed industry in Orkney was the contradiction between local marketing, which focused on the Viking legacy of the islands, and the international fashion media, which positioned Orkney tweed within the wider – and less specific – myth of the romantic Highlands.

The first article relating to this project was published in the "Journal of Design History in 2018";

Being Human Festival (UK's national festival of the humanities 14-23 November 2019):

Updated: 23 September 2019