Research Lab in collaboration with the Museum of Ethnography

4 December 2018

Research Lab is a tightly focused course at Konstfack investigating the relationship between contemporary craft practice with real world situations. In 2019/20, Research Lab will be partnering with the Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm and that will result in an exhibition of new work by the Research Lab participants at the museum in 2020.

- Students will be encouraged to explore, using the museum collections as a starting point, how contemporary craft practice (in its widest form) can shine a spotlight on the museum and interrogate what a contemporary ethnographic museum can tell us about our current world and our histories, says Matt Smith, professor at Konstfack.

- The team at the Museum of Ethnography are very excited and looking forward to working with Research Lab at Konstfack during the 2019-2020 academic year, says Michael Barrett, Curator at the Museum of Ethnography.

The collaboration will take place alongside the "Ongoing Africa" (Afrika pågår) project, a long-term, public engagement with collections from Africa together with researchers, artists, makers and activists with the aim of understanding the contemporary relevance and future of this material heritage.

Research Lab is structured around two key days per month in Stockholm with self directed practice during the rest of the month. The course provides regular artist mentoring and structured learning and access to workshop facilities in the Crafts Department at Konstfack. The course format allows artists not based in Stockholm to commute once a month to take part.

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Updated: 4 December 2018