Oskar Laurin designs the 2018 Degree Exhibition

2 February 2018

This year's Degree Exhibition is visualised through a playful identity where Konstfack's graphic profile is contrasted with flowery and uncompromising letters. Oskar Laurin bases the design on a poem by Karin Boye and focuses on the theme of transformation. The Degree Exhibition opens on 17 May 2018.

- I'm so happy to have been given this assignment! Especially as it allows me to be part of this transformation in the spring, says Oskar Laurin.

For Oskar Laurin, the Degree Exhibition is about transformations. A school becomes an exhibition. Winter changes to Spring. The weekday becomes a Party. Ideas are translated to reality. Students stop being students and become something new.

Transformation is mirrored by the cherry trees outside of the school. Months of exertion culminate in 10 days of extravagance, which suddenly blooms over, is taken down and disappears. Buds burst and flowers pop out.

"Yes, of course it hurts when buds are breaking.
Why else would the springtime falter?"
From Yes, of Course It Hurts by Karin Boye

In his work with the identity for the Degree Exhibition, Oskar Laurin has been inspired by Karin Boyes poem Yes, of Course It Hurts, one of Sweden's most read and well-known works of poetry, clearly tied to spring and which is often associated with end of the school year ceremonies.

- Boyes poem can be used in a congenial way to describe the artistic process, the emotional state the students go through during the work up to the exhibition. Confidence and doubt about their own work and their future. Fear and self-confidence alternate. It describes the difficulty of striving, developing, asking questions and making decisions. To question themselves and their practice. To develop and flourish, says Oskar Laurin.

In terms of design, it focuses on a typographical and playful identity in which Konstfack's graphic profile is presented as contrasting letter forms which, like students and their projects, bloom and burst out, unique and uncompromising.

Oskar Laurin is a graphic designer. During the past year, in addition to his own practice, he has lectured at Beckmans and published his own book, "Searching for possibilities in the gaps of what is known" which can be borrowed from the school's library. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design & Illustration and a Master's Degree in Visual Communication from Konstfack.

The Degree Exhibition opens on 17 May 2018.

Updated: 2 February 2018