Konstfack turns 175 years old - Contribute with memories in text/picture format for an anniversary book!

24 October 2018


175 Years of Fight, Joy and Failure.

2019 will ring with a bang and therefore it is high time to bring our wisdom together. An editorial team with representatives from the university’s different areas, with Vice-Chancellor Maria Lantz as chairman, have joined together and now we need help with histories from the school’s past and present. Written, drawn and/or photographed. We hope that you will contribute with memories and anecdotes in connection to the criteria listed below; memories and anecdotes which will form the foundation for an anniversary book which will be released in the fall of 2019.

What we see ahead of us is a publication in Swedish (with a separate summary in English) that is a contemporary overview with shorter historical references and a focus on Konstfack’s roll in society’s development; in the everyday silverware drawer, in the town square, in different environments, debates, classrooms and book stores. Sometimes even with a future perspective.

  • Working title: 175 Years of Fight, Joy and Failures (it isn’t so easy to manage an art school)
  • Generous and kindhearted, high and low, serious and funny
  • Feeling of an ever-changing collage that digs into everything with several different voices/stories
  • No bragging with the exception that life itself has challenges and failures, reveal what wasn’t good, the hilarious should come out, be visible
  • Interesting to read and the feeling that this is unique; personal histories and contemplations woven together


1) Write a short summary of your idea and provide the scope (text length between 500 and 5000 characters.) You can also draw, or contribute with pictures. Mail the material to Protected address by 14 December 2018.

2) You will get a reply about your submission by 31 December 2018. The editorial board will compile a selection and some of the written memories may be re-interpreted by a cartoonist/illustrator.

3) The completed material should be delivered at the latest by Thursday, 28 February 2019 to Protected address.

4) The book is planned to be released during Konstfack’s 175-year anniversary party in October 2019. Everyone who has contributed is of course welcome to have a copy as a thank you.

The book will consist of longer texts related to larger thematic and chronological aspects, debate articles, the Vice-Chancellor’s visions and failures, research projects, memorable presentations and other happenings. In short, broad, inspiring and readable content where your story is included at the core.

So don’t hesitate — send in your suggestions! We are — in advance — expectant and thankful.

Hopeful greetings from the editorial team!

Updated: 24 October 2018