Konstfack in Salvador, Brazil

24 January 2017

Stemming from the semester-long research focus group taught by our doctoral candidate Luis Berríos-Negrón, eight students from our fine arts and textiles programmes are visiting the Brazilian city of Salvador in the Bahia province.

During the period, the group makes a number of visits, conducting meetings and presentations. The stay ends with an exhibition in three parts, as well as a publication.

Luis Berríos-Negrón lectures for students and volunteers at the Archaeological Museum. The interest in Konstfack is great and enthusiastic! To hear our reflections are appreciated and the issues are complicated: what does archeology, collecting and exhibiting of objects in a complex context as Bahia, where colonialism, dispossession of the indigenous population and the slave trade have marked the past three hundred years?


One of the visits was to Terreiro, an area of ​​nature where a group that practices the religion Candomblé gathers. On the picture we are together with the group's spiritual leader Tata Mutá Imê, and some of the other members as well as our partners in Bahia.


In the favelas, informal neighborhoods, you can buy a bot of everything. Here you can buy various items for the ritual practice of Candomblé. The sign belongs to a company called "Seeds of Time" who sell the products.

Updated: 24 January 2017