Andreas Nobel's dissertation published in English

2 December 2016

Andreas Nobel's dissertation from 2014 "Dimmer på Upplysningen" is published in English. The title is "Shady Enlightenment - textualized thinking and its consequences for design".

Oskar Laurin and Andreas Nobel.

The thesis investigates how hierarchical approaches to knowledge-production have influenced the fields of design. Nobel discusses how knowledge cultures, strongly marked by reading and writing, generate problems for the designer. An English translation of the book has been requested, as the thesis recently has attracted attention internationally.

The publication, which is designed by the MA student Oskar Laurin, is in itself a statement. Text, graphic design and visual content interact on equal terms.

With the help of Konstfack´s rizografe, a handcrafted process has been utilized. A rizografe is, according to Nobel and Laurin, "a hybrid between the old method of printing and digital technology", a way of high quality printmaking from a digital master copy.

They note that "it is a book about art, collaboration, craft, history and future topics, consisting of exactly these parts: art, collaboration, craft, history and future."

The dissertation is published by Konstfack Collection ant the release is at Konstfack on 7 December. Read more about the release here.

Updated: 2 December 2016