Johanna Enger at the IALD conference Enlighten Americas 2022

Date and time
1 October 2022 at 09:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Type of event
Place and route

Western Mission Hills Resort
Palm Springs

Johanna Enger, Assistant professor in Lighting Design and Head of the Perception Studio at Konstfack, will present the project "Mixing and Matching Luminous Colors" at the IALD conference Enlighten Americas 2022, Palm Springs, California in October. The project was carried out in a collaboration with Ute Besenecker, Associate Professor at the Lighting Design Laboratory, KTH-Royal Institute of Technology.

The use of luminous colors is increasing in design and art due to new technologies in color-tunable lighting. Our project addresses the lack of guidance when working with additive mixing of luminous colors, including their interaction with surface treatments. When using paint colors, designers and artists can draw from theories developed by both color scientists and artists/designers.

However, the same is not yet true when working with additive mixing of colored light, which LED technology only recently made possible. The project’s overall scope was to explore and identify various aspects in the use of luminous colors from a perception-based perspective, and to develop and propose a basis for a perception tool box for practitioners.

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