"CRAFT BREW" MA2 CRAFT! exibits during Stockholm Craft week 2022

Date and time
6 October 2022 at 12:00 PM - 9 October 2022 at 05:00 PM
Type of event
Place and route

D1 + Kårgalleriet + Trapphusgalleriet

Image by Johan Ibrahim Adam.

Vernissage: Friday 7 October, at 5-7 pm

Konstfack MA2 CRAFT! students invite you to sample a distinctive blend of individual craft practices. Drawing on a rich heritage of craft materials, process and knowledge, these students interpret histories and challenge narratives, to create their innovative craft brew. This is a highly international cohort, whose practice has been enhanced by a generous exchange of cultural experiences and craft expertise. Here you will see expressions of joy, translations of wilderness, self-generated ecosystems, and a shared concern with the meaning of making in the twenty first century.

Ida Netterberg, Gustaf Helsing, Bogil Lee, Hanna Havdell, Karina Presttun, Malin Pierre, Rosita Ståhl, Bhumika Sethi, Cornelia Dahlin, Judit Fritz, Miriam Johannesson, Míra Dávida, Nina Johansson, Anneli Tegelberg, Lisa Englund, Linda Nurk, Maëva Weissen, Mariona Miquel Ros, Johan Ibrahim Adam, Ciara Neufeldt, Marta Veiga, Camille Wood

The exhibition Craft Brew is a part of the Stockholm Craft Week 2022.


Master's programme in CRAFT - Ceramics and Glass, Master's programme in CRAFT - Textiles, Master's programme in CRAFT - Ädellab