S / / / E : MFA Exhibition by Madeleine Hertz

Date and time
25 March 2021 at 04:00 PM - 4 April 2021 at 04:00 PM
Type of event
Place and route

Gallery Konstfack II
The students own gallery (located on the side of Konstfack)
Tellusgången 12, Stockholm (Look at a map)
Underground station: Telefonplan

OPENING: 25 March, 4 to 8 pm

Madeleine Hertz's work revolves around spatial interventions of the places we inhabit, connected to structural ideas of certain environments interpreted through architectural conceptualizations such as form and function.

A couple of years ago, the large building across Konstfack was being razed, leaving an open chasm where it was once located. I've been continually watching this place; from the blasting of the grounds, the expansion and the shielding of the area, to the new architecture of a residential building taking form – walls that are lifted into position by yellow cranes reaching toward the sky and concrete viciously poured out to make a floor. The building will eventually serve its purpose, but for now it’s still a place under construction.

The gallery space of Konstfack has its own purpose within the institution, which is visualized by its characteristics – the white solid walls, the neutral grey floors and the large windows necessary for the flow of daylight. When there’s no art installed in the gallery, a slight sense of void occurs – you can instead discern its intrinsic materials. As a way to recognize and examine this space we inhabit, I want to acknowledge the emergent properties of its architecture – what constitutes it and what surrounds us.

This space serves to compose itself in fragments – notions of a window creating the sensory perception of the outside world, the symmetrical patterning of the floor tiles and the column, with its structural dominion. By slightly skewing the perspectives of those fragments, I want to alter the inherent features in themselves, as well as merge the space with its surroundings, aiming to offer an alternative spatial imagination.

The exhibition contains sculptural and video-based interventions of the three fragments.

Tuesday-Friday 2 to 6 pm
Saturday-Sunday 12 to 4 pm

Due to Covid-19, a maximum of 8 people are allowed in the exhibition at the same time.

Madeleine Hertzemy.madeleine.hertz@student.konstfack.se 0705523063

Department of Fine Art