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3 March 2021 at 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM
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Zoom: konstfack-se.zoom.us/j/67563781560

Welcome to a series of lectures presented by CRAFT! Konstfack.

In this series of lectures, you will meet a variety of speakers from within the international field of craft. Both theoretical as well as makers point of view will be shared.

Hear a writer’s thoughts on how recent lockdowns has affected ways in working both on personal levels as well as for the whole community within the field of craft. Get a glimpse of an artist discovering an obsession, and how to develop a wide range of work within that fixation spanning through different materials and media. Alongside with the craft makers disclose connection with material and how to involve political and community orientation in an artistic practice. As if this wasn’t enough, we have also added a curator who will share experiences on exhibiting craft.

We happily welcome you to follow these lectures online via zoom.


Caroline Broadhead

Over nearly 50 years, Caroline Broadhead's work has centred around objects that come into contact and interact with the person and include collaborative and performance work. While some pieces are intended to be worn and changed through touch and movement, other works explore the outer extents of the body through light, shadow and reflection.

As Caroline studied jewellery design, at Central School of Art and Design in London during the early 70's there is a red thread that steeps her art ever since. The connection to jewellery. And especially that one between jewellery, body and movement. Nevertheless, Caroline's artistry is often referred to as multidisciplinary - spanning through installations, performances, photography and textile arts.

Being trained in craft is also visible in the material tactility and interest for various techniques which quite often seems to be some kind of crucial starting point for many of Caroline's pieces throughout the years.

Broadhead held the positions of Jewellery and Textiles Programme Director and BA Jewellery Design Course Leader for nearly ten years at the College until her retirement in 2018 and is now Professor Emerita. She continues to teach on the course and is a guest lecturer at various institutions in and outside the UK.

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